Henry Revell, Jr. Part 1

Henry Revell, Jr.


Henry Revell grew up the oldest of 12 brothers and sisters on a farm near Selma, North Carolina. Their grandfather was a former slave who had been given the farm and property as payment from his former master. Mr. Revell describes his early experiences playing baseball, winning public speaking contests, and participating in a 4-H group. He explains what it was like to play baseball while in college, in the military service, and for the Negro League, travelling up and down the coast for exhibition games. He majored in agriculture at North Carolina A & T, spent the next two years stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington, where he was the only black player on a white baseball team, and eventually made his way back to North Carolina to marry and work as an agriculture agent.

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  • Date Interviewed: Thursday, 14 January 2010
  • Interviewer: Dr. Dena Scher


Civil Rights Experiences

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Detroit Journeys Collection

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Experiences Collection

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