Frank Rashid

Frank Rashid


Dr. Frank D. Rashid, Professor of English at Marygrove College, is interviewed by Marygrove student Lauryn Pennington about growing up in Detroit and his experience of the 1967 riots. His father's family emigrated from Lebanon to Illinois in the late 1800s and eventually established Rashid's Quality Market on Linwood Street in Detroit. His mother, a writer, was of German and Northern Irish descent. Dr. Rashid grew up in a racially and ethnically diverse part of Detroit and attended Catholic schools throughout his education. He also attended a year of seminary school with the intention of becoming a priest, but during a year's leave at the University of Detroit (now the University of Detroit, Mercy) he decided to become a teacher instead. The progressive faculty at the university, as well as Dr. Rashid's own observations of Detroit's escalating racial tensions, led him to a growing awareness of race, class, and his own privilege. On July 23, 1967, the day the riots began, Dr. Rashid and his father received a phone call that the family store was being looted. What happened next sparked the 16-year-olds lifelong commitment to Detroit and to social justice, and shaped his conviction that the riots were not the beginning of Detroit's problems but rather symptomatic of pre-existing inequalities.

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  • Date Interviewed: Wednesday, 03 October 2012
  • Interviewer: Lauryn Pennington


Migration within U.S.

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