Degree Requirements

General Information

Student Responsibility
In order to earn a degree at Marygrove, you will need to follow all the procedures, meet all the general and specific requirements, and abide by all the academic regulations that appear in this catalog.

You should normally follow the degree requirements in effect at the time of your first registration at Marygrove, as long as you earn your degree within six years. You may, however, apply for graduation using the requirements of any catalog in effect while you attended the College, just as long as it is not more than 6 years old.

For professional certification, you must meet the current requirements set forth by the governmental and/or accrediting agencies that regulate certification in your area.

Because your degree is, finally, your degree, it is also your responsibility to learn and follow the requirements, policies, and procedures affecting your program. You should consult your academic advisor regularly to help verify that all degree requirements are being met in a timely fashion.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements
Undergraduate degree requirements are of two kinds: college degree requirements that are binding on all programs and specific degree requirements established by various departments or academic units that award specialized degrees (for example, the Bachelor of Social Work or Bachelor of Business Administration).

Below are the college degree requirements for Marygrove associate and bachelor degrees followed by an overview of specific requirements for particular degrees. Consult the program section of the catalog for the specific information about degree options and requirements in your area of study.

Developmental/Foundational Studies
Marygrove College believes that all students who are capable of benefiting from higher education should be provided with study and training appropriate to their needs, interests, abilities, and aspirations.

In keeping with this philosophy, Marygrove offers a series of courses that we group under the title Developmental/Foundational Studies. These courses are designed to insure adequate preparation in learning strategies, writing, and mathematics for those students with the potential for success in higher education.

Students are evaluated for placement into reading, writing and mathematics using ACT scores, Marygrove Placement Test results, and/or transfer credits. If your placement results indicate the need for course work to strengthen these competencies, you will be required to enroll in one or more of the following courses:

LS 105 Strategies for College Learning
MTH 100 Algebra
ENG 107

Introduction to Writing If your Competency test results indicate a need for more intense strengthening in mathematics, you will be required to enroll in the Developmental course MTH 099, entitled Pre-Algebra, before registering for MTH 100. Credits earned in this course, though counted for financial aid benefits, do not count in the GPA or toward the total number of hours required for a degree.

If you require additional skill building in basic mathematics, you will be referred to Student Support Services to complete the Basic Math Workshop, which carries no college credit.

Time limit for completion of developmental and/or foundational courses
If you are a new student (i.e., this is your first time in college or you are transferring less than 12 credit hours), you will need to complete all developmental and foundational courses as required by competency testing within the first 44 credits earned at Marygrove. If you have transferred 12 or more semester hours, you are required to complete these requirements within your first 36 hours taken at Marygrove. If the courses are not completed by that time, you will not be permitted to register for courses other than the developmental and foundational courses required in your program.

General Education
A complex array of political, economic, social, scientific, and technical forces continually transforms our world. Marygrove's general education program engages these forces, providing opportunities to examine them from different disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. Our objective is not only to disseminate information about forces that shape our world but also to intensify our critical thinking about them.

For a full description of Marygrove's general education requirements, see the General Education section of the undergraduate catalog.


Exam Schedule

Exam Schedule

Final exams are an important part of your grade. Check the examination schedule in order to be prepared.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Marygrove provides you with a number of opportunities to expand and enhance your education through service learning. You'll learn the importance of civic responsibility while also serving the community.