Students are responsible for tuition and fee liability incurred if, for any reason, tuition is not paid in full within a reasonable length of time. A student will also be held responsible for balances due to the loss/reduction of financial aid or other credit originally anticipated due to their ineligibility, attendance, incomplete paperwork, etc. Students that are placed at an outside collection agency will be responsible for the collection, interest, late and legal fees.

What payment options are available to students with a past due balance?
If you have a past due balance from a prior semester please contact the collections department to sign-up for an in-house payment arrangement. In-house payment agreements are only available to balances incurred from a prior semester. However, if you fail to make your payment on time your account could be sent to collections.

How can a student confirm if they have been placed in an outside collection agency?
Please contact the Assistant Bursar, Ayana Boyer, at 313.927.1375. You can also send correspondence to

If a student has been placed in an outside collection agency, how can you determine your outstanding balance?
The Assistant Bursar can provide you with the agency for balance information and payment options.

Collection Agencies used by Marygrove College:

Congress Collection Agency



Williams and Fudge

Assistant Bursar:
Ayana Boyer
Phone: 313.927.1375