Bachelor of Science, Mathematics Major (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in mathematics requires completion of the following components, including a minimum of 34 credit hours in mathematics and 48 total credit hours in mathematics and science.

A. General Education Requirements
See GENERAL EDUCATION section of this catalog.

B. Required Mathematics Courses
MTH 251 Calculus I
MTH 252 Calculus II
MTH 254 Calculus III
MTH 265 Discrete Mathematics
MTH 300 College Geometry
MTH 325 Probability and Statistics
MTH 353 Linear Algebra
MTH 371 Differential Equations
MTH 380 Abstract Algebra
MTH 496A Senior Seminar: Library Research
MTH 496B Senior Seminar: Conclusion

C. Related Discipline Requirements
PHY 285 Physics I: Mechanics and Sound
PHY 286 Physics II: Electricity and Light Additional classes in mathematics and/or science to attain the required 48 credit hours in mathematics and science.

D. Non-teacher certification students, with department approval, may substitute MTH 270, Graph Theory, for one of the required courses.

E. Required for Secondary Teacher Certification Students:    
MTH 347 Methods in Teaching Secondary Mathematics

Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Programs

Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s achievement—academic, talent, athletic, etc. Scholarships do NOT have to be repaid.

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