Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

The B.B.A. degree requires completion of the following components that include a minimum of 58 credit hours in business and accounting.

A. General Education Requirements
See the GENERAL EDUCATION section of this catalog.

B. Related Discipline Requirements
6 credits in computer-related courses.

ECN 200     Introductory Macroeconomics
ECN 203     Introductory Microeconomics
ECN 305     Introductory Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

The above requirements are to be completed by the end of the sophomore year.

C. B.B.A. Core Requirements
BUS 173     Introduction to Business
ACC 224     Principles of Accounting I
ACC 234     Principles of Accounting II 
BUS 266     Principles of Organization and Management
BUS 302     Principles of Marketing
BUS 304     Business Law I
BUS 307     Finance
BUS 308     Business and Professional Writing                   
BUS 314     Business Law II
ACC 334     Cost Managerial Accounting
ACC 354     Federal Income Tax Accounting
BUS 382     Business and Professional Ethics

Choose either one of the following courses. The course selected should be taken in the senior year:

BUS 496A      Senior Research Seminar: Current Issues
BUS 496B      Senior Research Seminar Diversity in Management

Total Core: 44 hours

D. Elective Courses
You may select courses in accounting, business or economics to complete the 58-credit hour B.B.A. require_ment. No more than 70 hours in business, economics or accounting can be used to fulfill the College's 120-credit hour degree requirement.

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