Bachelor of Arts, Teacher Certification Early Childhood Education Minor

The Early Childhood Education minor (ZS Endorsement) program prepares elementary teacher certification students for the early childhood special education (ZS) specialty endorsement. The Early Childhood Education minor (ZS Endorsement) is done in conjunction with the Teacher Certification Program. The Early Childhood Education program minor (ZS Endorsement) requires the fulfillment of all Elementary Teacher Certification program requirements (elementary major courses, elementary minor courses, and professional education courses). Specifically, the Early Childhood Education minor is additional coursework added to your elementary teaching major (Language Arts, Math, or Social Studies), elementary teaching minor, and professional sequence courses.

The Early Childhood Education minor (ZS Endorsement) requires that the student have a double minor (in Early Childhood Education AND Elementary Education). The successful graduate will qualify for the endorsement in Early Childhood Education being added to an Elementary Level (K-8) teaching certificate. Those students who pass the Michigan Test for ZS Endorsement will be highly qualified to teach both general and special education students in the early childhood period and work with children ages birth through age 8, grades K-3. The Early Childhood Education minor (ZS Endorsement) program has a specific set of required courses in addition to the teacher certification courses. You must apply separately to the Elementary Level Teacher Certification Program in the Education Department. Students in the Teacher Certification Program are required to maintain a minimum 2.7 GPA. Please see the Teacher Certification Program section of the catalog, the Teacher Certification Program Student Handbook, and an advisor in the Education Department for current information.

A. Required Courses for Early Childhood Education Minor (ZS Endorsement)
ECE 223 Professional Partnerships in Early Childhood Education: Child, Family, School, and Community
ECE 241 Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Education
ECE 333 Math/Science Methods for Early Childhood
ECE 350 Play Theory and Aesthetics
ECE 375 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood Education
ECE 398 Assessment of Young Children
ECE 420 The Exceptional Child in Early Childhood Education
ECE 499 Student Teaching: Preschool

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