Bachelor of Arts, History Major (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in history requires a minimum of 30 hours in history and completion of the following components:

A. General Education Requirements
Social Studies majors are encouraged to take IS 320A Detroit and the Contemporary Urban Crisis as part of their general education coursework.

B. Required History Courses
HIS 252 U.S. to 1877
HIS 253 U.S. Since 1877
HIS 255 World History I
HIS 256 World History II
HIS 496 Senior Research Seminar

C. Writing Intensive Course Requirement
Choose at least one of the following courses to fulfill the writing intensive requirement in the major:

HIS 309 American Society After WW II
HIS 320 Vietnam
HIS 335 Women in U.S. History
HIS 340 American Labor History

D. History Electives
Select additional upper-level courses (300 level and above) to complete the 30 hour major.

E. Geography 199 is a Co-Requisite


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