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Register to take advantage of benefits available only to Marygrove alumni, from career and business networking services to special tours and travel opportunities. Be sure to update your personal information using Class Notes so that fellow alum can keep in touch wherever your post-college path takes you.

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Alumni Data Policy

Upon graduation, students become alumni of Marygrove College. At that time, some student information is transferred to the College’s Alumni Database. That information includes detailed directory information such as the student’s full name, title, address, phone number, and email address. The data transferred may also include limited information about the student’s academic record such as date of graduation, degrees awarded, academic honors awarded, scholarships awarded, and student organization memberships. Detailed student transcript information is not transferred to the Alumni Database.

The information retained in the Alumni Database is subject to all Privacy Policies and Guidelines as set by Marygrove College for student information. Individual Alumni Database records may be viewed at the request of the specific individual to whom the information pertains. Records may be deleted in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the College’s student information policies. The Alumni Database is the primary source for tracking an alumnus’/alumna’s relationship with the College. The information tracked may include name changes, family members, changes of address and phone numbers, charitable contributions to the College, volunteer activities at the College, employment information, personal and professional awards and honors received, and other public information that might be published about the individual, as well as further private information as shared by the individual.

The College may use the personal data contained in the Alumni Database to communicate with the alumni, to produce reports about alumni activity, and to plan and track alumni events and activities, among other things. The data may also be used to solicit, record, and track charitable gifts to the College, as well as to promote and track volunteer activity with the College. For these purposes, personal data may be shared with third parties to produce and deliver materials supporting such activities. All third parties will be restricted to using data only for the purpose of the specific promotional activity for which it is provided, and shall be restricted from further sharing the personal data received.

Benefits & Service

Benefits & Services

The Marygrove College Alumni Association provides numerous benefits and services available to all alumni of the college.

Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Marygrove College Distinguished Alumni Award is an honor bestowed by Marygrove College and the Marygrove College Alumni Association to recognize and honor alumni who have distinguished themselves and their alma mater.

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