Alumni Association


The purpose of the organization is to foster unity and loyalty among alumni members, to provide opportunities for lifelong learning, and to promote the ideals, goals and interests of Marygrove College.


Association Officers

President – Dr. Vanessa Howell Ghant ’92
Vice President – Elizabeth Poliuto Loria ’70
Treasurer – Samual Blue ’93
Secretary – Alisa M. Fergerson ’02

Members At-Large

Mark Bartnik ’79
Gloria Brown-Banks ’11
LaToya Edwards ‘18
Rahjinah Johnson ’03, ‘05
Sara Lawson ‘17
Margo R. Lee ’00
Michelle May ‘85
Brigeda Nelson ‘06
Miranda Linzmaier Outlaw ‘14
Shelia Robinson ’09, ‘12
Frances L. Brown Simmons ’85

Committee Membership


Affinity Committee

The Affinity Committee is responsible for assisting the Director of Alumni Relations/Annual Giving in cultivating donor relationships; coordinating fundraising efforts for the Alumni Association; assisting with college-wide fundraising initiatives; recognizing the accomplishments and/or significant events in the life of the alums; and in developing innovative strategies to bond alums with the College, with each other and with current students.

Chair – Mark Bartnik ’79
Elizabeth Poliuto Loria ’70
Yesenia Venegas ’06
Shelia Robinson ’09, ‘12
Michelle May ‘85
Sally Janecek ‘71

Communications Committee

The Communication Committee works with the Director, Communications and Marketing, as it relates to the Alumni Association, including but not exclusive to Social Media, the Tower Times, Class Representative organization, communications of the other Standing committees, etc. The Goals of the Alumni Association, in line with the goals of Marygrove, require continuous, responsive and accurate communications with the general public and all Alumnae, undergraduate degree and post-graduate. It is through this committee that the future of the Alumni can be secured. 

Chair - Miranda Linzmaier Outlaw ‘14
Elizabeth Poliuto Loria ’70
Michelle May ‘85

Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for developing and implementing programs designed to meet the needs of Marygrove's diverse alumni population. Activities may include community service, Alumni Reunion, alumni travel, academic programming, social events and career mentoring.

Chair – Frances L. Brown Simmons ’85
Mark Bartnik ’79
Gloria Brown-Banks ’11
Alisa M. Fergerson ’02
Rahjinah Johnson ’03, ’05
Margo R. Lee ’00
Rita Whitley

Membership Committee

This committee is responsible for a proactive effort to source talented Marygrove Alumni to serve on the Board and its committees. The committee is responsible for presenting a slate of candidates annually for the Board of the Alumni Association, as well as focusing on the vibrancy of the Board over the long term.

Chair - Mark Bartnik ’79, Board President 2006-2009
Dr. Vanessa Ghant ’92, Current Board President
Elizabeth Poliuto Loria ’70, Vice President
Alisa M. Fergerson ’02, Secretary
Yesenia Lara Venegas ’06, Board President 2014-2016
Sherrie Konkus ’06, Board President 2012-2014
Dr. Rita Fields ’96, ’02, Board President 2009-2012
Lorry Ashe Kempf ’67, Board President 2003-2006

Ex officio members of all Committees:

President – Dr. Vanessa Ghant ‘92

Are you or do you know someone who has what it takes to serve Marygrove College and make a great addition as a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors? We are looking for alumni with a strong commitment to Marygrove to help lead our Alumni Association into the future. We are looking for alumni to either sit on the Board of Directors or as a Committee member.

Duties of the Board of Directors

  • Ensure effective organizational planning
  • Determine and monitor the Association’s programs and services
  • Enhance the public image of the Association and Marygrove College
  • Evaluate its own performance
  • Commit to membership in one or two committees
  • Contribute to the annual fund at a level comfortable of the board member and a commitment of Relationship to the College in participating in the goals of the Strategic Plan of Marygrove College.

We meet at least four times a year and also provide our presence at events such as Campus Beautification Day, Commencement, Mix and Mingle, Alumni Reunions, and Distinguished Alum Awards presentation. If interested or to nominate an alum, please contact Kari Jenkins, Director, Alumni Relations at (313) 927-1443 or

Benefits & Service

Benefits & Services

The Marygrove College Alumni Association provides numerous benefits and services available to all alumni of the college.

Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Marygrove College Distinguished Alumni Award is an honor bestowed by Marygrove College and the Marygrove College Alumni Association to recognize and honor alumni who have distinguished themselves and their alma mater.

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