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Spanish Minor

Required Courses

Students must complete each of the following courses with a grade of C or better.

SPA 250         Intermediate Spanish I**

SPA 251         Intermediate Spanish II**

SPA 350         Advanced Grammar & Composition  - online

SPA 332         Latin American Humanities ***        - online                    

SPA 354         Iberian History & Culture***            - online

SPA 351         Introduction to Hispanic Literature - online

**These courses are counted as electives toward Teacher Certification.

***SPA 332, SPA 354 and SPA 347 are mandatory for Teacher Certification.

Students must complete three additional credit hours, with a grade of C or better, from among the following courses:

SPA 310         Business Spanish- online

SPA 320         Conversational Spanish

SPA 401         Translation Workshop I- online

SPA 402         Translation Workshop II- online

SPA 403         Business Translation Workshop- online

SPA 488         Cooperative Field Experience

SPA 491         Independent Study- online

**Students seeking Teacher Certification are required to complete SPA 347 Methods in Foreign Language Teaching and Language Acquisition and an Oral Proficiency Interview before they take their state certification exam.