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Social Work Minor within a Bachelor of Arts Program

If you are considering a minor in social work, you should talk with your advisor and the Social Work De­partment Chair about the possible benefits.  The Social Work Minor requires 20 hours in 300-level social work courses, specifically:  SW 312, 314, 325, 340, 440, SOC 385, plus 3 credits of social work electives (e.g., SW 378, SW 200, SW 355, SW 410, etc.). No more than two grades below a "C" will be accepted in courses toward the social work minor.  You can successfully combine a minor in social work with politi­cal science, psychology, sociology, social science, criminal justice and other majors as well.  However, you are forewarned that a social work minor is not adequate preparation for entry-level social work employment, nor for competent social work prac­tice.  You will not be eligible for social work licensure in the State of Michigan with a social work minor.  The program, therefore, only recommends B.S.W. gradu­ates for employment within the field of human services.