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Social Science Minor


A social science group minor consists of 24 credit hours in the following courses:

A. Social Science Core Courses (13 credit hours)

SOC 201        Sociological Perspectives     


SOC 202        Social Problems
ECN 202        Economic Dimensions           


ECN 200        Introductory  Macroeconomics 


ECN 203        Introductory Microeconomics                           
PSY 205             Introductory Psychology
POL 149        American Political Systems   


POL 203        Political Reality & Public Policy  


POL 385        Community & Organizational Change

B. Electives

Additional hours from anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology for a total of 24 credit hours in social science


A social science minor does not apply to students in elementary or secondary teaching. These students should refer to the Social Studies group minor.