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Religious Studies Overview

Advocacy • Chaplaincy • Church Ministry • Community Service • Consultancy • Counseling • Religious Education
• Religious Journalism • Research • Teaching

The Department of Religious Studies offers an undergraduate program that explores the religious dimension in human life and the role of religion in human affairs. Our study is both historical and contemporary, in that we seek to understand religion today, in all Its variety, as an outgrowth of its past context. Our study is both comparative and critical, in that we seek to understand the actual impact of religion on society.

The academic study of religion is integral to a liberal education. It provides you with an opportunity to discover the breadth of religious experience, sharpen your appreciation of diversity in human culture, and probe questions of human values.

While we emphasize the Christian context, with particular attention to the Catholic tradition, we encourage you to explore, understand, and appreciate the variety of faiths and religious communities.

Majors in art, child development, dance, education, history, music, psychology and social work find religious studies professionally enhancing. In fact, many students choose a double major, combining religious studies with another area to achieve their educational goals.

In addition to standard courses, you may wish to benefit from individualized directed study, independent study, field education, service learning, study abroad, and co-op learning. Students with appropriate professional experi­ence may receive limited credit for their prior experiential learning. Cumulative average of 3.0 (B) or better in the major or minor courses is required.

Religious studies is an excellent foundation for a career in an education-related field, or in human services.

A concentration in religious studies is most often required for professional careers in church ministry, e.g. counsel­ing, youth ministry, social outreach, teaching, and worship.

Your studies will also prepare you for positions of lead­ership in education, health care, religious journalism, publishing and other community services.

You may wish to pursue graduate studies in pasto­ral ministry, religious education, religious studies or theology to qualify for positions in higher education, research, and consulting.