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Karen Ebeling, Ph.D.
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Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Major (B.A.)
Bachelor of Arts, Art Therapy (Major In either Art    or Psychology and minor in the other)
Psychology Minor

Karen Ebeling, Ph.D.
Pat Kwasek, M.A.
Dena Scher, Ph.D.
Karen Tracy, Ph.D.

Psychology Overview


B.A. Level: Business • Corrections • Health Education • Mental Health Service • Rehabilitation • Graduate Level: Clinical & Counseling Psychology • Government Administration • Human Resource Management • Industrial & Organizational Psychology • Teaching and Research


Psychology is a discipline devoted to understanding the thought and behavior of people, and then channeling that knowledge into social and psychological services.

The program at Marygrove offers a sequence of courses, which take you through the areas of psychological development, socialization, learning, dysfunctional behavior and experimental psychology. The program is intended for day students only. The psychology major prepares you to be an informed and engaged citizen in our ever-changing world with respect for diversity and social justice issues.


The Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology combines preparation for future graduate study and/or for direct application of psychological principles with employment after the B.A. The Bachelor of Arts with a major in psychology requires a minimum of 33 credit hours in psychology and includes all proscribed courses (see below: Required Courses).

The Bachelor of Arts with an interdisciplinary major in art and psychology allows you to prepare for graduate study in art therapy. Required psychology courses contribute 32 credit hours to the interdisciplinary major. A minor is not required.

The minor in psychology provides knowledge of human behavior, which complements your major area of study. If you choose this option, you are required to take a minimum of 20 credit hours in psychology.


At the B.A. level, psychology graduates can work in business or mental health/social services. In business, positions include work in advertising, customer relations, job analyst, marketing researcher or representative. In mental health, positions include rehabilitation counselor, group home coordinator, social service director, employment program manager, corrections and parole officer, and family service worker.

At the M.A. level, psychology graduates can do vocational, marriage, family, school or industrial consulting and psychological testing.

At the Ph.D. level, psychologists can be administrators, consultants, or college professors.


Program Scheduling

The B.A. program in Psychology is primarily a day program. Some courses are offered in the evening on a rotating basis.

Transfer Students

The Department of Psychology generally accepts transfer credits from accredited institutions of higher learning. For psychology majors, at least 15 credit hours in psychology must be earned at Marygrove. For the minor, you must take a minimum of nine psychology credit hours at Marygrove.

Academic Performance

Only psychology courses with a grade of C or better can be applied to fulfill the major requirements.

Writing Intensive Requirement

All Psychology majors must complete PSY/SOC 360 to satisfy their writing intensive requirement.

Senior Seminar Requirement

All Psychology majors must complete PSY 496, Senior Seminar.

Honor Societies

Students may be eligible to join Psi Chi, a national honors society for students demonstrating academic excellence in Psychology.


Students whose academic work is excellent may be eligible for the Award for Excellence in Psychology.

Program Requirements 



The Bachelor of Arts with a major in psychology requires a minimum of 30 credit hours in psychology and completion of the following components:

A. General Education Requirements


B. Required Psychology Courses

PSY 205             Introductory Psychology
PSY 225             Methods in Psychology
PSY 240             Developmental Psychology
PSY 301             Experimental Psychology
PSY 305             Introductory Statistics
PSY 340             Abnormal Psychology
PSY 360             Social Psychology
PSY 365             Group Dynamics              
PSY 496             Department Research: Senior Seminar

C. Psychology Electives

PSY 300             Modules in Psychology
PSY 320             Psychology of Women
PSY 343             Adolescent Psychology
PSY 346             Aging Individual in Society
PSY 348             Death and Dying
PSY 390             Special Topics in Psychology
PSY 491             Independent Study




Please refer to ART THERAPY section of this catalog.


Minor in Psychology


The minor in psychology requires 20 credit hours in psychology. At least nine credit hours must be taken at Marygrove.

A. Required Courses

PSY 205             Introductory Psychology
PSY 225             Methods in Psychology

B. Recommended Courses

PSY 240             Developmental Psychology
PSY 360             Social Psychology


Psychology Course Descriptions

PSY 205                                             Introductory Psychology 4 hours
General Education requirement. Prerequisites: MTH 099,  LS 105, ENG 107; Term: 1, 2

An introduction to the study of psychology as a behavioral and social science. Theories, principles and empirical findings about human and animal behavior are examined. Topics include perception, motivation, learning, development, physiology, memory, social influence, psychological disorders and others. General Education option.

PSY 225                                             Methods in Psychology 3 hours
Prerequisite: None; Term: 1

An introduction to psychology as a scientific discipline. This course teaches the student to distinguish between science and pseudoscience. It introduces the scientific method and research techniques, including correlation, experimental design, and statistical reasoning.

PSY 240                                             Developmental Psychology 3 hours
Prerequisite: PSY 205; Term: 1, 2

Overview of human development and factors that influence it. Covers physical, intellectual, social and emotional development from infancy through adolescence. May include service learning.

PSY 288                                             Cooperative Field Experience 2-6 hours
Prerequisite: Department approval

Supervised work experience in psychology.

PSY 300                                             Modules in Psychology 1-3 hours
Prerequisite: PSY 205. Offered as needed.

Covers selected topics designed to fit special needs and interests in order to provide an opportunity to delve

more deeply into topics which cannot be adequately or fully treated in other courses.

PSY 301                                             Experimental Psychology 4 hours
Prerequisites: MTH 100, ENG 108, PSY 205, PSY 225, PSY 305; Term 1

Significant aspects of experimental psychology, methods and techniques. Includes topics in memory, learning, and cognition. Laboratory included.

PSY 305                                             Introductory Statistics 4 hours
Prerequisite: MTH 100 or equivalent; Term:1, 2

Fundamental principles of descriptive and inferential statistics with applications to social sciences. May include use of statistical software.

PSY 320                                             Psychology of Women 3 hours
Recommended: PSY 205; Term: 1; alternate years

A review of the social construction of gender, including topics of cultural stereotyping, gender comparisons of social, cognitive, and personality characteristics, work discrimination, love relationships, societal mental health issues.

PSY 321                                             Introduction to Life-span Psychology 4 hours
Prerequisite: PSY 205; Term: 1, 2

A survey of principal cognitive, social and behavioral  processes that operate across the lifespan. Intended for but not

limited to prenursing students. 

PSY 330                                             Psychology of Adjustment 3 hours
Recommended: PSY 205; Term: 1; Offered as needed

Processes involved in interaction of an individual with the environment. Includes study of theories of adjustment, stress and its effects, problems of adjustment through the life-span, techniques of adjustment, and maladaptive reactions.

PSY 340                                             Abnormal Psychology 3 hours
Prerequisite: PSY 205; Term: 2, alternate years

Overview of the treatment and etiology of the major current diagnostic categories of psychopathology. Special attention to societal attitudes about mental illness. Online.

PSY 343                                             Adolescent Psychology 3 hours
Prerequisite: ENG 108, PSY 205; Term: 2

Overview of physical, intellectual, social and emotional development from preadolescent through late-adolescent period. Topics include family and peer relationships, identity achievement, adjustment problems, and acceptance of the adult role.

PSY 346                                             Aging Individual in Society 3 hours
Prerequisite: ENG 108, PSY 205; Term: 1, 2  

Later years of human life explored mainly from the perspective of developmental psychology. Includes biological and sociological aspects, as well as areas of problems.

PSY 348                                             Death and Dying 3 hours
Prerequisite: Junior or senior status; PSY 205; Term 1: alternate years

Discussion of death in our society and in different cultures, attitudes toward death, children & death, grief & bereavement, suicide, lethal behavior, search for immortality & other topics.

PSY 360                                             Social Psychology 3 hours
Prerequisites: MTH 099, ENG 312‚ PSY 205; PSY 225 recommended. Term: 2

Study of how behavior is affected by the social environment. Topics include the self, interpersonal attraction, aggression, prejudice, attitude change, power, altruism. Writing intensive.

PSY 365                                             Group Dynamics 3 hours
Prerequisite: LA 105, ENG 108, PSY 205; Term: 1

Group processes as they apply to task, community and organizational groups. Theories will be demonstrated by participating in dyads, small groups, and large groups in class. May include service learning.

PSY 388                                             Cooperative Field Experience  2-6 hours
Prerequisite: Departmental approval

Supervised work experience in psychology.

PSY 390                                             Special Topics in Psychology 2-3 hours
Prerequisite: PSY 205. Offered as needed.

Various topics in psychology are offered on a rotating basis according to demand. May be elected for a maximum of six non-duplicate credit hours.

PSY 438                                             Psychology Practicum 2-3 hours
Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, psychology major, permission of instructor

Practical application of classroom education and skills in a related field placement. Professionally supervised.

PSY 488                                             Cooperative Field Experience  2-6 hours
Prerequisite: Departmental approval

Supervised work experience in psychology.

PSY 491                                             Independent Study 1-4 hours
Prerequisites: PSY 205, junior or senior standing, departmental approval

For intensive advanced research with specified methodology and product.

PSY 496                                             Department Research: Senior Seminar  3  hours
Prerequisites: PSY 360, PSY 305, ENG 312‚ PSY 301, and permission of the instructor. Term: 1

Topic to be selected by student with approval of instructor. May be library research based or an original research project. Requires written and oral presentations. Writing intensive.