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Pharmacy Technician Courses

Required Courses for Certificate:

  • PHT 118
  • PHT 101
  • PHT 103
  • PHT 121
  • PHT 122
  • PHT 123
  • PHT 130
  • PHT 131
  • PHT 170

First Semester

PHT 118 Medical Terminology Credits: 2

This course helps students in spelling and interpreting medical terms.

PHT 101 Introduction to Pharmacy Technician Credits: 3

This course examines the role of the Pharmacy Technician in various pharmacy settings. It provides an overview of the history, educational requirements, state law regarding delivery of Pharmacy Technician services, the role of the Pharmacy Technician as a member of health care team, and the career opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians.

Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Pharmacy Technician Certificate program.

PHT 121 Drug Distribution 1 Credits: 4

This course provides an introduction to basic concepts of pharmacology as they relate to all of the body’s systems, and presents basic pharmacology with emphasis on drug therapy. The course content includes drug laws, terminology, therapeutic classes of drugs, indications, side effects, contraindications, and generic and trade names.

PHT 130 Pharmacy Operations Credits: 3

This course focuses on basic management principles, financial management, personnel management, and pharmacy practice management. The course integrates the role of operational management and the development of a business plan utilizing financial management and analysis. Role-playing will be used.

Co-requisite: PHT 101.

Second Semester

PHT 103 Mathematics for Health Careers Credits: 3

In this course students will apply basic mathematical skills in calculations required for dosage determinations, as well as solution preparations using weight, metric, household, and apothecary systems. There will be discussion on applying ratio and proportion, allegations, and business calculations in pharmacy operations.

Prerequisites: PHT 101 and MTH 099.

PHT 131 Pharmacy Computer Systems Credits: 3

This course introduces various specialized pharmacy programs: outpatient and inpatient medication dispensing, drug information, pharmacokinetics, management, quality assessment and procurement. This course will also emphasize recordkeeping and third-party billing.

Prerequisites: “C” or higher in PHT 101 and PHT 123.

PHT 122 Drug Distribution 2 Credits: 4

This course is a continuation of PHT 121.

PHT 123 Drug Prescription Process Credits: 2

This course examines the process of medication distribution systems, including inpatient systems, preparations of intravenous admixtures, prescription dispensing to ambulatory patients, compounding, manufacturing and repackaging, and inventory control systems.

Prerequisites: “C” or higher in PHT 101 and PHT 121.

Summer Semester

Third Semester

PHT 170 Pharmacy Technology Field Practicum Credits: 3-6

This course is designed for the PTEC clinical student who has successfully completed the didactic portion of the PTEC program. This is an exploration of the unique role and practice of pharmacy technicians in a pharmacy with emphasis on daily pharmacy operations. Topics include hospital pharmacy organization, work flow and personnel, medical and pharmaceutical terminology, safety techniques, data entry, packaging and labeling operations, extemporaneous compounding, inpatient drug distribution systems, unit dose chart fills, quality assurance, drug storage, and inventory control.

Prerequisites: Completion of the previous 2 semester courses with a grade of “C” or better.

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