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Elementary and Secondary Teaching Certification

Any student with a history major who plans to teach at the secondary level is required to take the following coursework. These additional requirements are designed to meet the State of Michigan certification code and will prepare students to effectively teach the K-12 Content Standards for Social Studies in Michigan’s Curriculum Framework.

A. The Social Science General Education Requirements

POL 149        American Political Systems

ECN 200        Introduction to Macroeconomics


ECN 203     Introduction to Microeconomics    

B. Additional Coursework

HIS 330         Michigan History and Politics

One of the following multicultural courses:

POL 306        Racial and Ethnic Diversity


IS 320A      Detroit and the Contemporary Urban Crisis

C. Certification Requirements

HIS 347: Methods of Secondary Social Studies is required for secondary education.

Professional Education courses are found in the Teacher Certification section of the catalog.

A grade of C (2.0) or better must be maintained in all courses of this major. An overall GPA of 2.7 is required to enter the Teacher Certification Program at Marygrove. See Teacher Certification section of this catalog for more information.

D. MTTC and Gateway Courses

Students are required to take the State mandated Basic Skills Test and the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) in history. Students may not register for MTTC in history until they have successfully completed 80 percent of the major coursework and a gateway course. The gateway course is designed to help students prepare for the MTTC and to determine their readiness to take the test. Please consult the department for the current list of history gateway courses.

E. Certifiable Minor

See the Teacher Certification section of the catalog for certifiable minors.