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An Associates of Science in Health Science requires 64 credit hours and completion of the coursework as outlined below.  The required coursework for the A.S. in Health Science has been divided into two general categories: Required Common Core Coursework, and Licensure or Credit Hour Requirement. Students must also complete their last 15 credit hours at Marygrove College. 

A. General Education Requirements

Select a minimum of one 3- or 4- hour course in at least 5 of the 7 areas. Courses must be distributed across at least 4 different liberal arts disciplines.

B. Common Experiences:

ENG 108          Academic Writing
MTH 100         Algebra

C. Core Course Requirements

BIO 150           Biology I: Molecules to Cells
CHM 130         Chemical Science

D. Related Discipline Requirements

PSY 205          Introduction to Psychology
PHL 225          Ethics

E. Students must choose option A or B to complete the Associates of Science in Health Science degree

Option A: CREDIT HOUR REQUIREMENT (24 credits of additional science coursework)

BIO 118           Medical Terminology
BIO 267           Clinical Anatomy and Physiology
HSC 320          Nutrition in Nursing Practice
MTH 103         Health Science Mathematics
PSY 321          Introduction to Life-span Psychology

Seven elective credits in BIO, CHM, MTH, or HSC


OPTION B: LICENSURE: 24 credit hours can be applied to the degree requirements upon providing proof of successful completion of a national accreditation exam requirement, PTCB exam,  or a completed course of study of not less than one year, in an Allied Health field, resulting in a certificate.

F. Remaining credits to reach 64 credits

Students may choose any elective course to finish their degree requirements