Early Childhood Education Course Descriptions


EDU 203 The Teaching Profession 3 hours
Not offered Summer Term; Prerequisites: LS 105, ENG 107
Exploration of attitudes, perspectives and skills crucial to the growth of the developing teacher. A lab experience in an elementary or secondary school is integral to the course.

EDU 240 Developmental Psychology 3 hours
Prerequisite: PSY 205
Human development and factors that influence it with particular emphasis on infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

EDU 241 Educational Psychology 3 hours
Prerequisites: EDU 203, EDU 240 or 343
Introductory course in the psychology of learning and teaching (Grades K-12), emphasizing mental abilities, individual differences, motivation and application of psychological theory and research in learning. Appropriate laboratory experiences.

SED 250 Education of the Exceptional Learner 3 hours
Prerequisites: None
An overview of the legislative rules and policies for children and youth with exceptional needs, including those with disabilities, the gifted and talented, and those with cultural
and linguistic differences. Development of an awareness of the characteristics indigenous to exceptional students and their relationship to teaching methodologies in the least restrictive environment. Concepts of inclusion. Observation in special settings that service exceptional children mandatory.

EDU 324 Principles of Classroom Management 3 hours
Prerequisites: EDU 241
Analysis and discussion of the social and psychological dimensions of classroom environments: the design and implementation of effective instruction‚ roles of teacher and students in group dynamics‚ techniques for management and design of classroom instruction and student behavior. Techniques for developing effective communication with parents and community. Selected observation opportunity.

EDU 330 Technology in the Classroom 3 hours
Prerequisites: None
Use multimedia as a teaching tool. Develop a plan of action integrating technology in support of instruction/learning. Explore, evaluate, and use technology to accomplish learning tasks independently and cooperatively. With appropriate field based experiences.

EDU 340 Technology Tools for Teachers 3 hours
Prerequisites: None
Applies appropriate technologies to critical thinking, creative expression and decision-making skills. Evaluates the societal and environmental impacts of technology.

EDU 343 Adolescent Psychology 3 hours
Prerequisite: PSY 205
Physical, psychological and social factors in personality development from the preadolescent through the late-adolescent period. Problems of adjustment, achievement of identity, and acceptance of the adult role.

EDU 344 Methods for Teaching Elementary and Middle School Mathematics 3 hours
Prerequisites: EDU 241; Admission to Teacher Certification TCCERT Program
Techniques for teaching mathematics including K-8. Emphasis is on developing concepts through understanding, discovery, problem solving, observing patterns and relationships, and meeting the individual needs of children of various abilities and experience levels. Appropriate field based experiences.

EDU 347 General Secondary Methods 3 hours
Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Certification TCCERT Program.
Techniques for developing lesson plans, unit plans and course overviews which incorporate objectives, evaluation and a variety of teaching-learning strategies. Field experiences and simulations in lesson presentation and classroom management. Appropriate field based experience.

ENG 348 Methods of Teaching Writing and Speaking, K-12 3 hours
Prerequisite: ENG 108.
An introduction to the theories and practices of teaching written and oral literacies at the elementary and secondary levels.

EDU 354 Methods for Teaching Elementary and Middle School Social Studies
3 hours

Prerequisites: Admission to Teacher Certification TCCERT Program.
Combination of theoretical and practical models, grades K-8, providing multicultural approaches to activities, materials, and resources necessary for teaching social studies. Appropriate field based experience.

EDU 357 Methods for Teaching Intermediate and Secondary Reading 3 hours
Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Certification TCCERT Program.
Analyzes the variations in vocabulary, format, comprehension, and study procedures in various content areas and develops teaching strategies for improving basic reading skills and reading proficiency. Addresses adapting content instruction to meet the needs of middle school and secondary school students with reading problems. Appropriate field based experiences.

EDU 364A Methods for Elementary Reading and Other Language Arts 3 hours
Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Certification TCCERT Program.
Addresses the reading, writing, listening, and speaking processes in literacy development. Presents and examines teaching strategies and materials that support integrated language arts instruction. Strategies for organization and management of classroom reading programs providing for individual differences in grades K-8 are developed. Related software applications will be explored. Guided observation and field-based experience.

EDU 364B Methods for Elementary Reading: Practicum Strategies 3 hours
Prerequisites: EDU 364A; Admission to Teacher Certification TCCERT Program.
Strategies for developing and implementing detailed lesson plans based on a diagnostic-instruction model for both developmental skills in reading and reading in the content areas. First half of the course will prepare the student for field-based experience. Peer, instructor, and self-evaluation of lessons.

EDU 374 Methods for Teaching Elementary and Middle School Science 3 hours
Prerequisites: EDU 241; Admission to Teacher Certification TCCERT Program
Methodology appropriate for teaching scientific concepts. Also teaching demonstrations, projects, daily and unit planning. One field trip. Extensive use of A/V media in Marygrove’s Library Resources Room. Emphasis on content and methods for grades K-8. Appropriate field based experience.

EDU 390 The Adult Learner 3 hours
Prerequisite: PSY 205
An examination of theories of learning in adulthood and the issues related to life-long learning. The emphasis is on adult learning as a process of transformation.

EDU 404 Guided Experiences With Children 1-3 hours
Prerequisite: Junior or senior status
Field work with children including such activities as tutoring, assisting the teacher‚ camp counseling‚ playground supervision, and other experiences which contribute to a prospective teacher’s professional development. May be taken more than once to a maximum of 3 hours.

EDU 475 Foundations in American Education 3 hours
Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Certification TCCERT Program
Structure, function and purposes of American education, examination of the philosophical, social, political and economic contexts of educational systems; role and characteristics of the teaching profession.

EDU 491 Independent Study 3 hours
When necessary and with approval of advisor, students are permitted to request an independent study, with appropriate field-based experience.

EDU 499 Student Teaching 10-12 hours
Prerequisites: Admission to Student Teaching; Methods at appropriate level;
Term: 1, 2
Observation and guided, full-time professional laboratory experience in public or private school classrooms at the appropriate level. Seminar required.

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