Bachelor of Applied Science, Computer Information Systems (B.A.S.)



The Bachelor of Applied Science degree, an inter­disciplinary major in computer information systems, requires completion of the following components, which include 21 or more credit hours in computer information systems courses. The total requirements for this major are 60-72 credit hours.

The number of additional credit hours required is dependent upon the credits a student may be awarded from industry certifications. Credits are evaluated for acceptance and awarded within the full context of the student’s educational experiences as matched with Marygrove’s CIS area requirements.

A. General Education Requirements

B. Required Computer Information Systems Courses

CIS 375          Database Management Systems
CIS 380          Decision Support and Expert Systems
CIS 390          Social/Ethical/Legal Implications of Computing
CIS 476          Computer Information Systems I: System Development.
CIS 496          Computer Information Systems II:  Strategies     and Management: Senior Project.

C. Required Math Course

MTH 100       Algebra

D. Required Business Courses

BUS 173         Introduction to Business
BUS 266         Principles of Organization and Management

Students are required to have the following competencies prior to attaining a B.A.S. degree. Some of these competencies may be fulfilled as part of an industry certification.

Required Department Areas of Competencies

  1. Database Design and Management
  2. Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems
  3. Networking and Telecommunications
  4. Object Oriented Programming
  5. Social/Ethical/Legal Implications of Computing
  6. Strategic Information System Management
  7. System Analysis and Design

Grades earned within certification programs are not computed in a student’s total grade point average.


CIS 300      Principles of Information Systems Management
CIS 320      E-Commerce
CIS 372      C++ Programming
CIS 373      Java Programming
CIS 374      Advanced C++ Programming
CIS 376      Advanced DBMS
CIS 385      Business Applications Using Excel
CIS 388      Cooperative Field Experience
CIS 412      Data Communications/Networking
CIS 433      Designing and Maintaining Web Pages
CIS 444      Project Management
CIS 488      Cooperative Field Experience


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