Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry Major (B.A.)

The requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree with chemistry major are a minimum of 37 credit hours in chemistry and completion of the following components:

A. General Education Requirements

       See page 48.

B. Required Core Courses

CHM 140       General Chemistry I: Atoms and molecules
CHM 241       General Chemistry II: Equilibrium
CHM 325       Organic Chemistry I: Structure and Nomenclature
CHM 326       Organic Chemistry II: Reactions and Mechanisms
CHM 341       Physical Chemistry
CHM 360       Biochemistry
CHM 401       Inorganic Chemistry
ISC 312        Junior Seminar
ISC 496A      Science Senior Seminar: Library Research
ISC 496B      Science Senior Seminar: Laboratory Research

In addition, you must select a minimum of three credit hours from any of the following:

CHM 252       Intermediate Analytical Chemistry
CHM 350       Environmental Chemistry
CHM 390       Laboratory Analysis
CHM 410       Special Topics

C. Related Discipline Requirements

BIO 150              Biology I: From  Molecules to Cells
MTH 251       Calculus I
PHY 252        College Physics I
PHY 253        College Physics II


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