Course Descriptions


BUS 173 Introduction to Business 3 hours
Prerequisites: MTH099; Term: 1, 2

Survey stressing basic business concepts and functions-the market economy, forms of business organizations in our society, the role of management and labor, capitalization and finance, production, marketing and the organiza­tional structure.

BUS 175 Business Mathematics 2 hours
Prerequisite: BUS 173 or equivalent

Review of mathematical fundamentals-application of mathematical concepts to practical business transactions, discounts and markups, and financial analysis of business activities.

BUS 266 Principles of Organization and Management 3 hours
Prerequisites: BUS 173; Term: 2

Elements of the managerial processes fundamental to the operation of various organizations. Includes application of principles to a business enterprise stressing systems thinking, problem-solving, profit and ethics.

BUS 302 Principles of Marketing 3 hours
Prerequisites: BUS173, ECN 200; Term: 1

In-depth study of market analysis, product development, placement and distribution, pricing and promotion func­tions.

BUS 304 Business Law I 3 hours
Prerequisites: BUS 173; Term: 1

Survey of our legal systems, basic law of contracts, personal property, real property and sales.

BUS 307 Finance 4 hours
Prerequisites: ACC 234, ECN 200‚ECN 203; Term: 2

Study of the basic theoretical framework for decision-making in financial management. Includes financial planning, fund requirements and sources, and fundamentals of capital budgeting. Cross-listed with ECN 307.

BUS 308 Business and Professional Writing 3 hours
Prerequisites: ENG 108, several courses in the student’s major field; Fee: yes. Term: 1

Underlying principles and techniques for effective communications in business and professional settings. Empha­sis on audience analysis, as well as purpose and organization of various types of letters, reports and memoranda. Writing-intensive course. Cross-listed with ENG 308.

BUS 310 Financial Investment Strategy 3 hours
Prerequisites: ACC 234, ECN 200; Term: 1

Security markets and how they function. Includes interpreting market changes, capital building through stock investments, factors influencing stock market prices, bond investment techniques, sources of investment informa­tion, strategies and theories of investing.

BUS 314 Business Law II  3 hours
Prerequisite: BUS 304; Term: 2

Basic law of commercial paper, creditors’ rights, agency, partnerships and corporations.

BUS 318 Professional Communications Design 3 hours
Prerequisites: ENG 108, several courses in business; Term: 2

This course is a workshop-based, computer-enhanced examination of the theoretical principles and practical tech­niques for producing a variety of communications projects typically required by contemporary organizations. In this course, students will explore basic communication principles and use Microsoft Office and Adobe PageMaker applications to produce a range of professional texts. This is an alternative to fulfill the writing-intensive course requirement. Cross-listed with ENG 318

BUS 322 Consumer Behavior 3 hours
Prerequisites: BUS 302, PSY 205. Offered alternate years

Study of consumer motivation, decision-making and information processing. Influences of social institutions and culture on consumer behavior are included.

BUS 320 Ecommerce 3 hours
Prerequisite: CIS 300. Offered alternate years

This course is designed to familiarize individuals with current and emerging electronic commerce technologies us­ing the Internet. Topics include: Internet technology for business advantage, managing electronic commerce funds transfer, reinventing the future of business through electronic commerce, business opportunities in electronic commerce, electronic commerce web site design, social, political and ethical issues associated with electronic commerce, and business plans for technology ventures. The purpose of this course is to educate a new genera­tion of managers, planners, analysts, and programmers of the realities and potential for electronic commerce. Cross-listed with CIS 320.

BUS 323 Human Resource Management 3 hours
Prerequisites: BUS 266; Term: 1

Study of personnel functions-staffing, development, employee benefits, organization behavior, wage and salary administration, and performance appraisal.

BUS 332 Sales Management Strategies 3 hours
Prerequisite: BUS 302; Term: 2; Offered alternate years

Examines the development of sales strategies. Topics include market assessment, effective sales presentations and making the close. Students will make actual sales presentations.

BUS 333  Entrepreneurship 3 hours
Prerequisites: BUS 266, ACC 224; Term: 1; Offered alternate years

Integrative course focusing on the management of a small business enterprise. Organizational, financial, manage­rial and legal aspects are explored. Specific areas will be related to the starting and operating of a small business.

BUS 342  International Marketing 3 hours
Prerequisites: BUS 302; Term: 2; Offered alternate years

In-depth examination of the global business environment including foundations in multicultural understanding, political environments, international legal issues, the NAFTA and EU, and how these impact global marketing.

BUS 368 Quality Management Principles 3 hours
Prerequisites: BUS266; Offered alternate years

This course explores the principles of Total Quality: customer focus, participation and teamwork, continuous improvement and learning. It focuses on the development of quality processes and systems through the tools of information gathering and analysis, benchmarking, supplier partnership, the Baldridge Award, and ISO9000. It covers issues in business services as well as products.

BUS 38 Business and Professional Ethics 3 hours
Prerequisites: PHL 126, BUS 266; Term: 1: Offered alternate years

Descriptive survey of ethical theories and perspectives to all professions. Reflection on contemporary ethical approaches through case studies and selected readings. Analysis of some major dilemmas in business and other professions.

BUS 384 Consumer Money Management  3 hours
Prerequisites: ECN200 or ECN202; Term: 2; Offered alternate years

Principles of management applied to the financial needs and resources of the individual and family. Emphasis on financial planning, income distribution, consumer financial services and protection, use of credit, insurance and investments.

BUS 388 Cooperative Field Experience 1-3 hours
Prerequisites: 24 credit hours in business; junior standing; 3.0 GPA; department approval; Term: 1, 2, summer

Supervised work experience in activity related to area of specialization, planned in consultation with academic advisor, co-op supervisor and employer. Recording, reporting and evaluation of experience will be required.

BUS 423 Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations 3 hours
Prerequisites: BUS 266; senior status or permission of instructor; Term: 2; Offered alternate years

Study of the employer/union relationship and of the processes developed to implement that relationship. Includes union organizing, negotiation and administration of the collective bargaining agreement, the grievance system, and the structure of labor unions.

BUS 488  Cooperative Field Experience 1-3 hours
Prerequisites: Senior standing, 27 credit hours in business, department approval, 3.0 GPA; Term: 1, 2

Supervised work experience in activity related to area of specialization, planned in consultation with academic advisor, co-op supervisor and employer. Recording, reporting and evaluation of experience will be required.

BUS 491 Independent Study 1-4 hours
Prerequisites: Senior standing; departmental approval; permission of study director; Term: 1, 2

Study of a topic or creative work extending beyond the opportunities offered in scheduled courses.

BUS 496A Senior Research Seminar: Current Problems and Issues in Business 3 hours
Prerequisites: ENG 312, BUS 308; senior standing; Term: 1

Study of contemporary issues in business. Specific topics and scope determined each year. Oral and written presentations.

BUS 496B Senior Research Seminar: Diversity in Management 3 hours
Prerequisites: ENG 312, BUS 308; senior standing; Term: 2

Examination of current research on the changing status of multicultural management in business, and develop­ment of management competencies critical to success in twenty-first century organizations. Oral and written presentations.

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