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Performing Arts Major

The Bachelor of Arts/Performing Arts degree is an individualized, interdisciplinary major across three departments: dance, music, and theatre. It is also a collaborative venture between two institutions; Marygrove College and the University of Detroit Mercy. The performing arts major consists of 60 credits of combined coursework in dance, music and theatre. Because this is an interdisciplinary major, a minor is not required. A student selects one primary area of concentration with approximately 40 credits and two secondary areas to comprise an additional 20 credits.

An interested student will meet with the Chair of the Dance Department for an advisor to be assigned in the primary concentration. The advisor will work with the student and faculty from related disciplines to design the individual major. Acceptance into the Performing Arts programs is based on a formal audition in the primary area of concentration. The audition is held by members of the department faculty. Prospective students may not audition until they have completed the Admissions process, and have been accepted into Marygrove College’s academic program. Courses for this interdisciplinary major are listed in the catalog sections of Dance, Music, English and Performing Arts and in the University of Detroit Mercy catalog online at

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