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TFE 600 Classroom Technology Tools

This course introduces common and emerging technology tools a teacher in the 21st Century will use in the classroom. The tools include productivity tools, online tools, web-based communications tools, data-driven decision making tools, and emerging tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.

Essential Questions:

What is the content of the 21st Century framework?

How can different technology tools be integrated into content areas?


  • Productivity tools;
  • Universal Design
  • Advanced thinking and organizational tools;
  • Online tools, rubrics builder, online survey and quiz;
  • Web-based communications tools and class website;
  • Data-driven decision making tools;
  • Emerging tools—Social Media including: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook


  • Courses in ET 21 strand are for teachers of K-12 students.
  • All courses are 3 credit hours.
  • ET 21 students take 2 tech courses (3 credits each).
  • Tech students take 2 more courses in Tech.
  • Classroom students take the other 2 courses.
  • All ET 21 students will have a 30-hour master's degree.

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