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Please visit the Learning Resource Center for further information about GED testing. See below for test preparation courses.

Test Preparation

GED Test Preparation
Description: Want to pass the GED? This course will help you develop the skills you’ll need to succeed.

Prepare for the GED Language Arts, Writing Test
Description: Obtain the skills and knowledge to successfully prepare for the GED Language Arts, Writing test.

Prepare for the GED Math Test
Description: Master the skills you'll need to successfully pass Test 5 in the GED test series.

SAT/ACT Preparation - Part 1
Description: Master the reading, writing, English, and science questions on the ACT and new

SAT. SAT/ACT Preparation - Part 2
Description: Master the math questions on the ACT and new SAT.

GRE Preparation - Part 1
Description: Discover powerful strategies for success in the verbal and analytical sections of the GRE (course 1 of 2).

GRE Preparation - Part 2
Description: Learn a variety of useful techniques for tackling the math section of the GRE (course 2 of 2).

GMAT Preparation
Description: Discover powerful test-taking techniques and methods for improving your score on the GMAT.

Grammar for ESL
Description: If English is your second language and you're headed to college, this course will teach you the principles of grammar and structure you'll need to succeed.

LSAT Preparation - Part 1
Description: Learn about law school entrance procedures, developing analytical reasoning skills, and improving your test-taking skills (course 1 of 2).

LSAT Preparation - Part 2
Description: Improve your reading comprehension and logical reasoning skills, and discover proven approaches for selecting correct exam answers (course 2 of 2).

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