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Program Coordinator
Donna Kerry M.A.
Phone: 313.927.1276
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Welcome to your future as a well-prepared, up-to-the-minute, K-12 educator or school administrator of the 21st century!  Marygrove College has a nearly eighty-year history of training teachers. Marygrove-educated teachers can be found in public and private schools across the nation in classrooms and in leadership positions.

Select graduate-credit courses for re-certification from an extensive list of high-quality online or onsite courses. Marygrove is committed to your professional development and transforming the lives of children and young people one teacher at a time!


Courses Offered in Partnership with Canter

Canter Winter 2012 Brochure

pdfCanter Winter 2012 Information Packet

pdfCanter Winter 2012 Online Policies

After a long and successful partnership, Marygrove College and Canter & Associates are no longer accepting registrations for recertification courses.  Marygrove College continues to provide classroom teachers with high quality, interesting, affordable onsite and online recertification courses that increase content knowledge and provide practical teaching skills and strategies for improving student success at all grade levels.

If you are interested in taking recertification courses with Marygrove College, please contact Donna Kerry, Program Coordinator at 313.927.1276 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Marygrove College offers many interesting and affordable online and onsite options for your recertification needs.

Courses Offered in Partnership with Learner’s Edge LLC.

Marygrove College is pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2013, teachers may register for graduate-credit courses offered in partnership with Learners Edge, Inc.  Courses may be taken for re-certification, professional development, salary increments etc.  These instructor-led courses may be completed in either online or print based formats during specific semesters; Spring, Summer or Fall.  Tuition per course is $390 (3 credit course), $290 (2 credit course), $190 (1 credit course).  Students pay and register for course materials with Learner’s Edge.  Please select Marygrove College upon your online checkout or registration process.

To register, please visit, select “Partners”, “Academic” and choose Marygrove College as your institution.  You will find a wide variety of dynamic, flexible, relevant and affordable courses with teaching strategies, tools and resources that are immediately applicable in your classroom.

Courses Available as of July 2014 

  1. Brain Works: Better Teaching with the Brain in Mind
  2. Reaching Young Readers: Improving Reading Skills K - 3
  3. Fully Wired: Understanding and Empowering Adolescents
  4. Sticks and Stones: The No-Bully Zone
  5. Engaging Multiple Intelligences in Your Classroom
  6. Differentiated Learning: How to Teach to Varying Ability Levels
  7. Effective Classroom Management
  8. Gender Matters: How Boys and Girls Learn
  9. Succeeding With the Struggling Student
  10. Across the Spectrum: Teaching Students with Autism
  11. What Great Teachers Do
  12. Parent Trap: Dealing with Difficult Parents
  13. Good to Great: Principles of Good Teaching
  14. The Courage to Care: Working with At-Risk Students
  15. In the Face of Poverty
  16. What Great Middle School Teachers Do
  17. Math Works: Teaching Math with the Brain in Mind
  18. The Driving Force: Keys to Developing a Motivating Classroom
  19. ADHD: Focusing, Learning, Teaching
  20. Igniting Creativity, Comprehension and Collaboration Through Inquiry
  21. Integrating the Brain and the Arts into your Classroom
  22. 180 Degrees:  Rethinking Classroom Management
  23. Tapping the Talent:  Working with Gifted Students
  24. The Sky’s the Limit:  The Outdoor Classroom
  25. The Challenging Child:  Strategies for the Early Childhood Classroom
  26. Achieving Success with English Language Learners
  27. Assignment Homework:  Where, When and Why
  28. Shaping Respectful, Responsible Learners in your Classroom
  29. Web EDU
  30. Lost in Translation:  New Languages, New Learning
  31. The Future is Now:  Re-visioning Skills for the 21st Century
  32. Words Matter:  Using Teacher Language to Help Students
  33. Knowing what you Know:  Summarizing Saavy
  34. Common Core Standards
  35. Instructional Strategies that Work
  36. Inclusion Strategies:  Success in the Classroom
  37. Literacy and Learning:  The Building Blocks
  38. Successful Strategies in Literacy
  39. Literacy:  The Write Way:  Developing Writers in All Content Areas
  40. Reading for Understanding
  41. Conferring with Young Writers
  42. The Write Foundation
  43. Building Comprehension in the Primary Grades
  44. Dive into Digital:  Understanding the Digital Learner
  45. Anytime, Anywhere:  Today’s Learner
  46. Cyberbullying:  Safeguarding Students and Improving School Climate
  47. One-Stop Shop:  Online Docs, Sketches, Spreadsheets and Virtual Travel
  48. Bringing your Classroom Online:  Best Practices
  49. Create and Captivate:  Using Online Presentations to Teach
  50. The Culturally Competent Educator
  51. Common Core Beyond ELA and Mathematics
  52. Follow the Leader:  What Great Teacher-Leaders Do
  53. What Great Leaders Do
  54. Service Learning:  Engaging Students in Meaningful Experience
  55. Professional Learning Communities:  Moving from Knowing to Doing
  56. Teach Like a Champ:  Effective Strategies for an Engaged Classroom
  57. The Write Stuff:  Content Area Writing
  58. The Science C.U.E.:  Content, Understanding and Environment
  59. Teach Well, Learn Well:  RTI
  60. Caring for the Mental Health of the Young Learner
  61. Caring for the Mental Health of your Students
  62. How to Succeed as a Substitute Teacher
  63. Virtual Field Tripping
  64. Teaching with Technology
  65. Building Self Discipline
  66. Building Successful Readers in all Content Areas
  67. Flipping your Classroom:  Your Lessons, Your Learning
  68. The New View:  Teaching, Learning and Creating
  69. Technology:  Byte Size, Big Learning
  70. Education Revolution:  Real and Relevant
  71. Refocus and Recharge for Teachers
  72. Using Real Data in the Math Classroom
  73. Promoting Math Conversation
  74. Differentiation and Grading
  75. Reaching the Top through Coaching and Advising
  76. Co-Teaching:  Partners in Practice

  77. Engaging Parents for Student Success
  78. Successful Literacy Assessment


    Grief and Your Students: Honoring, Sharing, Healing
  80. Learning to Learn
  81. Unlocking Informational Text
  82. Positive Interventions for Students who Challenge Us

  83. PBIS 101
  • Tuition as of January 1, 2015: 3 credit - $399 2 credit - $299 1 credit - $199
  • Registration and payment handled through Leaners Edge
  • Print-based and online formats are available
  • Special Group Pricing Available!
  • Select Marygrove College as your academic institution

Please contact Donna Kerry, Program Coordinator, Professional Development for Teachers at 313-927-1276 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Courses Offered in Partnership with PLS 3rd Learning (Onsite and Online)

In partnership with PLS 3rd Learning, Marygrove College offers both online and onsite courses that are creative, practical, fun, interactive and with strategies immediately applicable to any grade level and content area.  Onsite courses near your home offer the opportunity to collaborate face-to-face with other educators.

>> Register for Courses online at

pdfPLS 3rd Learning Fall 2014

pdfPLS 3rd Learning Summer 2014


 Performance Learning Systems Policies and Procedures

Online courses offered in partnership with Teachscape

For more than a decade, Marygrove College partnered with Teachscape, a leader in K-12 professional development, to offer online graduate courses to partner schools, districts and state departments of education.  Please note:  Effective September 1, 2014, Teachscape is no longer partnered with Marygrove College and is pursuing other strategic initiatives.  Students registered for recertification/professional development courses prior to September 1, 2014 will continue to have full access to the Teachscape learning platform as they complete their courses.


Teachscape Courses 


Teachscape Policies and Procedures

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Behavioral Healthcare Lunch and Learn Workshops

These workshops are approved by the Michigan Certification Board of Addiction Professional (MCBAP) and the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative (MSWCEC) for the continuing education Units (CEUs) necessary for recertification.

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