Transfer Credit (Graduate Students)


In some instances, the student may transfer semester hours of graduate credit to a Marygrove graduate program from another accredited graduate institution. For equivalency evaluation, graduate program applicants must contact their program coordinator or director of their graduate program. The graduate program coordinator determines the equivalency of courses subject to department chair review. The following provisions apply:

  • For graduate programs of 30-34 credit hours, a maximum of six (6) hours may be transferred.
  • For graduate programs of 35 or more credit hours, a maximum of nine (9) hours may be transferred. A maximum of three (3) credit hours may be transferred into graduate certificate programs. The following policies govern the transfer of graduate credits:
  • The transfer course is deemed equivalent to a course required for the master’s degree for which the student is applying.
  • The transfer course was completed with a minimum of a B grade (3.0/4.0).
  • The institution where the student received course credits is accredited by a regional accrediting body.
  • The transfer course was taken within the six-year time period required for completion of the Marygrove College graduate degree. Graduate program coordinators may make exceptions subject to department chair review.


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Scholarship Programs

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