Grading Information

A 4.0
A- 3.7

Good/Above Average
B+ 3.3
B 3.0
B- 2.7

C+ 2.3
C 2.0
C- 1.7

Below Average/Passing
D+ 1.3
D 1.0
D- 0.7

E 0.0

AU no honor points assigned

I no honor points assigned

No Record
NR never attended

Official Withdrawal
W no honor points assigned

Unofficial Withdrawal
X 0.0

Y no honor points assigned

You may print an official grade report from the student's menu with Marygrove Self-Service. Grades will be held if you owe a financial balance to the College.

Audit: AU
If you wish to participate in a course without being graded for it, you must obtain written permission from the instructor and register as an auditor. The audit form is available in the Office of the Registrar. The decision to audit a class must be made at the time of registration and a change may not be made from credit to audit or from audit to credit after the course has begun. No grades are assigned for courses that are taken on an audit basis.

The tuition for an audited undergraduate course is $269 per credit hour. Some courses may require a course fee in addition to the audit tuition fee. You cannot receive financial aid for an audited course.

Incomplete Work: I
If you have successfully completed the majority of work in a course but for some serious reason are unable to meet all course requirements or take the final examination, you may petition the instructor for a grade of I (incomplete). An Incomplete is given when there is, in the judgment of the instructor, a reasonable probability that you can complete the course successfully without attending regular class sessions. The responsibility for completing all course work rests entirely with you. The mark of I is inappropriate if, in the instructor's judgment, it will be necessary for you to attend subsequent sessions of the class. If class attendance is necessary, you must register for the course.

The grade of I is calculated with no honor points until the instructor officially records a new grade. All work must be completed in time for a new grade to be recorded at the end of the following term. An extension beyond the term immediately following the course can be granted only for a serious reason and will be limited to one calendar year, and must be approved in writing by the course instructor, the Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Registrar before the end of the extension period. If the work is not completed in the time allowed, the I will change to an E on record with the permanent computation value of 0.0. Each student is permitted a maximum of two incomplete courses a semester. However, any student who has two incomplete courses will not be permitted to register for subsequent terms until the work from at least one of the classes is completed

No Record: NR
An NR is a non-punitive mark assigned if a student's name appears on the professor sheet, but the instructor has no record of the student attending class. An NR is recorded on the transcript but is not computed in the grade point average.

Official Withdrawal From A Course Or From The College: W
If you feel you are unable to complete a course but the add/drop period has already passed, you must officially withdraw from the class. You can withdraw through the twelfth week of class (or up to 80 percent of the class if it's shorter than 15 weeks). In order to withdraw, you need to get a form from the registrar's office, complete and return it as indicated, and pay the withdrawal fee in the business office.

The mark of W is assigned when you withdraw from a course in accordance with College policy. If you withdraw not just from a course but from the College during the academic year, you must schedule an exit interview with the director of academic advising and career services. Your official date of withdrawal from the college will be the date on which you have your interview. Tuition charges for withdrawal from a class or from the College will be assessed based on the date of your official withdrawal.

See the Financial Information section of this catalog.

If you withdraw, you will have to relinquish your student ID card at the time of the exit interview. Until we receive this card, no fees can be refunded nor will grades or transcripts be issued for you.

Unofficial Withdrawal: X
An X is assigned if a registered student unofficially withdraws without completing enough course work to determine a grade. An unofficial withdrawal occurs when a student stops attending a class but fails to submit the paperwork for an official withdrawal. An X is computed into the semester and cumulative grade point averages with 0.0 honor points. An X remains on the transcript with the permanent value of an E grade. The College cannot give any refunds or cancel fees if you unofficially withdraw.

Grade Deferred: Y
The mark of Y is assigned when the student is up-to-date in the work of a course planned to continue beyond the semester (i.e., senior seminar course requiring a master's project). The grade of Y may only be used in certain designated courses or if a student is called to active military duty.

If you wish to change your original registration, you must fill out an add/drop form which may be picked up in the registrar's office. The add/drop period extends for the first calendar week of each Fall and Winter semester. During the Spring/Summer sessions, you may add or drop a course no later than the beginning of the second class session.

You will have to pay a $10.00 fee for processing a student-initiated change of program during the official add/drop period. A $10.00 fee will be assessed also for each course adjustment after the add/drop period, including course withdrawals.

Repeated Course Work
You may repeat a course in which you received a grade below C if you wish to raise the mark. Each attempt at the course will show on your transcript, but the highest grade received will be used in computing your grade point average.