Course Information

Course Prerequisites
Courses often have prerequisites or requirements that must be met before a class can be taken. A prerequisite might take the form of a lower-level course or it might be an audition or the permission of the instructor teaching the course you'd like to take. If you don't have the stated prerequisites for the course, you can't register for it.

A course with no prerequisites indicates that no previous college-level courses are required to take the class. However, in your Marygrove courses, we presume that you will be able to perform competently in reading, composition, and math.

Course Numbering System
The first digit of a course number indicates the level of the content and gives you an idea of the type and difficulty of the course.

001-099: Courses in developmental studies which are not included among the total number of hours required for a degree.

100-199: Introductory or foundation level courses which insure basic competencies, or teach the principles and methodology of a discipline.

200-299: Intermediate-level courses which continue to develop a skill or give broad background or general experience to both majors and non-majors.

300-399: Advanced level courses demanding understanding of principles and methodology in an area of study or discipline.

400-499: Specialized courses intended primarily for majors and minors in the field.