Credit for Prior Learning

Recognizing that learning derived from life experiences and from individual study is of significant academic value and can often be equated with college-level studies, Marygrove College provides the following options for validating and measuring such learning:

Marygrove Examinations
Entering students who feel that they have already mastered the content of a particular course listed in the catalog may apply for credit by departmental examination. Credit by examination allows you to fulfill course requirements without attending any classes or without regular meetings with an instructor. It may be used for courses listed in the catalog if the objectives in a course can be identified clearly enough so that an instrument can be devised to measure whether you know as much as you would have learned in a combination of classes, daily assignments, tests, and a final examination. It is understood, therefore, that the examination in this system must be much more extensive and intensive than the ordinary final examination given at the end of the course. By the same token, the work involved in preparing for this comprehensive examination must equal the time and effort put into attendance at class, daily preparation, and preparation for all other tests.

Through successful achievement on such an examination, you will acquire the number of credit hours which that course carries. Marygrove Examinations may only be taken once and evaluation of prior learning by Marygrove Examination must take place during your first semester at Marygrove. You will be assessed the appropriate fee by the Financial Services Department.

Assessment of Prior Learning by Portfolio
Students who have acquired college-level learning outside an academic context, e.g., on-the-job training, private study, or actual work experience, may obtain credit in certain departments of the College by documenting their achievements in portfolio form. The transferability of credits earned by portfolio assessment depends on the policy of the accepting institution.
In no instance will credit for portfolio assessment be awarded for course work that duplicates what has been previously noted on your college transcript or for course work more elementary than that which has been successfully completed and passed. In other words, if you have passed a course at an intermediate or upper level, you cannot then get credit through portfolio assessment for a lower-level course in the same area.
A maximum of 32 semester hours of credit for the above-mentioned methods of prior learning may be earned by students enrolled in a bachelor's degree program.
For students pursuing an associate degree, a maximum of 16 credits of prior learning may apply to the degree. For complete information on policies, procedures, and fees for prior learning assessment, contact your divisional dean.

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