Transfer Credit General Policies

Revised March, 2012

  1. Credit is transferable only from postsecondary institutions which are accredited by their regional accrediting association.
    • If an institution holds candidate status with its regional accrediting association, generally only courses in which the applicant received a C or better may be considered for transfer.
    • Any formal active transfer agreement with another institution supersedes other policies regarding transfer credit.
  2. A maximum of 64 semester hours may be transferred from all regionally accredited two-year institutions combined, regardless of when the courses were taken.
  3. A maximum of 92 lower division (below 300-level) hours may be transferred from ALL institutions combined.
  4. A maximum of 98 semester hours may be transferred from ALL institutions combined. (At least 6 of these credits must be 300-level or higher.)
  5. Credit is given for any course from an accredited institution in which the student earned a grade of C or better. (Credit is not given for any course with a grade of D or E or with a grade of C- unless recorded as a 2.0 on the transcript.)
  6. Credit is not given for any course below the 100-level, or for a course at the 100-level which is developmental, remedial or below college level (e.g., no credit for ACC 100 or PSY 100 from WCCCD).
  7. Credit is given for courses comparable to those offered at Marygrove. Some accepted transfer equivalencies are available on the Marygrove website. Other determinations are made by Marygrove College on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Credit is granted only once for a given course or for courses with the same content, even if taken at two different colleges. (NOTE: GPA is calculated using the best grade obtained in a given course.)
  9. No partial credit can be awarded. If a semester hour course is accepted from another institution, the number of hours is transferred as listed. (Quarter hours are transferred as 2/3 of semester hours).
  10. P, S, and CR grades may be transferred as long as the transcript of college catalog states that these grades are equivalent to a 2.0 or better.
  11. Field work, practicum, and internships are generally not transferable.
  12. Directed or Independent studies courses may be transferable based upon assessment by the appropriate academic department.
  13. Career preparation courses (such as Resume Writing, Interview Techniques, and Career Planning) are generally not transferable.
  14. Credit for Prior Learning (such as CLEP exams and portfolios) must be re-evaluated at Marygrove before credit can be awarded. Students completing Advanced Placement Examination with scores of three or higher will be granted credit at Marygrove.
  15. Veterans are eligible for one (1) semester hour of credit for each year of active military service up to a maximum of four years/credits.
  16. Any student who has completed an associate's degree in an allied health field from an accredited college, or who has passed the State Board Exams and is in possession of an LPN or RN license, may be eligible to receive 24 semester hours toward an Associate of Health Science degree. A copy of the student's license and/or official transcript must be submitted for review to the chairperson(s) of the Science and Mathematics Department before any credit can be awarded.
  17. Up to four (4) hours of Physical Education credits may be transferred from either two or four-year institutions for students in bachelor degree programs. These credits will be listed as electives on the student's record.
  18. Educational methods courses are generally not transferable. Student teaching credits are never transferable.
  19. For science lecture/laboratory combinations or co-requisites taken at other institutions, Marygrove will grant no more credit than is given for its own equivalent course.
  20. Neither freshman orientation courses nor senior seminar courses are accepted in transfer. (Students who have taken a freshman orientation course at another college may be exempt from Marygrove's IS 100 requirement.)
  21. Applicability to a student's proposed course of study will be considered when reviewing courses for transfer.

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