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If your idea of learning is to dive right in and experience life firsthand, you'll love these innovative programs in math, science and the arts.

Our specialized institutes harness highly experiential avenues of study. Students and teachers build knowledge and skill through a broad spectrum of experiences in mathematics, science, the arts, and a wealth of Detroit-area cultural opportunities.


Art Infused Education (1)

Art Infused Education
Marygrove College Institute for Arts Infused Education believes that the arts are transformative tools for engaging all learners. The Institute improves educational achievement, creates innovative models for teaching and learning, and promotes the systemic integration of the arts into the K-12 core curriculum. This methodology creates learning communities in which students, artists, and teachers are agents of positive change.

Detroit Studies (36)

Detroit Studies
The Institute builds on Marygrove College’s mission to serve the people of metropolitan Detroit, on its location in the city, and on its strong relationship with different Detroit constituencies. The Institute seeks to broaden recognition of Detroit’s contributions to American culture, interrogate standard definitions and popular versions of the city, and provide opportunity for cross-disciplinary analysis of issues important to the metropolitan area.

Defining Detroit (1), Literary Map of Detroit (26)

Institute of Music & Dance (4)

Institute of Music & Dance
The Institute of Music & Dance (IMD) at Marygrove College is a school of the arts. It provides students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds with high quality, developmentally appropriate programs in music, dance, theater, visual arts, and other performing arts disciplines. The purpose of the IMD is to nurture and harness creativity, strengthen technical and performance skills, and heighten artistic awareness.

Science & Math (1)

Science & Math
Prepare K-12 teacher education candidates in the content and practice of science as well as the principles and best practices of imaginative science education. This goal will be met by implementing several American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) recommendations regarding the preparation of prospective science teachers.

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