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Spring 2008 Tower Times

  • 09 January 2012
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Service learning occurs when students are actively serving our community and engaging in disciplined reflection with faculty about this experience in ways that meet learning goals established in the curriculum. This type of learning is an important part of developing a passion for leadership and of strengthening leadership skills. We should all be proud that Marygrove’s strong commitment to service and to urban leadership has attracted important resources to strengthen our service learning capacity. In February 2008, we received a grant from Michigan Campus Compact (MCC) for $30,000 to support our service learning work. MCC is part of a national network, 41 colleges and universities in Michigan, dedicated to promoting the education and commitment of college students to service learning and civic engagement. Also in February, we received another grant of $50,000 from the Kemper Foundation, a non-profit organization well-known for its support of innovative liberal arts college programs.

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