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Fall 2010 Tower Times

  • 09 January 2012
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“The world requires massive collaboration to shift our human consciousness into a more sustainable relationship with the earth. The elephant is strong, enormously powerful, yet hugely vulnerable in its relationship to humans. It offers a poignant and timely metaphor to contemplate issues of coexistence and how we must now live. What will we do to change how we live? What will accelerate our commitment to create a more sustainable world? I am hoping Nomkhubulwane will inspire many more people to ask and address these questions.”

—Andries Botha, creator, Nomkhubulwane

As you know, one of my visions when I became Marygrove College’s president was to develop an initiative around the idea of urban leadership—a commitment by the College to the metropolitan Detroit community, to share our expertise and develop partnerships to collaborate in developing solutions to contemporary social, environmental, cultural, political, educational, and economic issues in urban areas. I continue to be passionate about engaging our alumni, community, faculty, staff and students around these pressing urban challenges and their impact on the areas where we work and live.

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