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May 2009 Master of Education in Educational Technology, Marygrove College  (Detroit, MI)
  Achieved by Gwen Little
March 2009 Marygrove College Annual Academic Symposium (Detroit, MI)
"'Everyone Has the Right to Education': The Expansion of eLearning Through Open Source Educational Resources"
  Presented by Jennifer Meacham
  Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters (MASAL) Annual Conference, Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)
  Attended by Jennifer Meacham
October 2008 Michigan Library Association Annual Conference (Kalamazoo)
  Attended by Jennifer Meacham


July - Nov 2008 University of West Georgia
"Advanced Technologies for Distance Education"
  Attended by Linda Brawner
March 2008 Marygrove College Annual Academic Symposium (Detroit, MI)
"Digital Divide 2.0: A Decade of Virtual Progress and the New Face of Digital Inequality"
  Presented by Jennifer Meacham
June - August 2007 Marygrove College (Detroit, MI)
"Technology Tools for Teachers" and "Issues in Educational Technology"
  Attended by Gwen Little
June 2007 Faculty Resource Network, New York University
"Ensuring Success in Online Courses"
  Attended by Linda Brawner
March 2007 Regional TurningPoint User Conference (Charleston, IN)
  Attended by Jennifer Meacham, certified TurningPoint trainer.
January 2007 ETS staff in-service
  Presented by Gwen Little:  Virtual Keyboard
December 2006 ETS staff in-service
  Presented by Linda Brawner:  Preview of MS Office 2007
  Presented by Monica Hickson:  Digital Camcorder
  Presented by Christine Malmsten:  Using the CanoScan Toolbar in the FTC
  Presented by Jennifer Meacham:  TurningPoint software
July 2006 Simon Fraser University Learning and Instructional Development Center webinars (online)
"Uses and Potentials of Wikis in the Classroom" and "Synchronous Discussion in Online Courses: A Pedagogical Strategy for Taming the Chat Beast"
  Attended by Jennifer Meacham
June 2006 Jane Ryland Fellowship Recipient
EDUCAUSE Institute Management Program (Boulder, CO)
  Attended by Linda Brawner
November 2005 Pulaski Middle School In-Service (Detroit, MI)
"Technology Enhanced Instruction in the Language Arts Classroom"
  Presented by Linda Brawner
June 2005 Faculty Resource Network, New York University
"Technology in Teacher Education"
  Attended by Linda Brawner
April 2005 Blackboard User Conference (Baltimore, MD)
  Attended by Linda Brawner
March 2005 ACRL/TLT Group Online Learning Seminar (online)
"Effective Collaboration for Campus-wide Information Literacy: The Blended Librarian's Perspective on How to Make it Work"
  Attended by Jennifer Meacham
August 2003 Council of Independent Colleges' 2003 Teaching and Learning Mentors Institute, Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI)
  Attended by Linda Brawner and Jennifer Meacham

Below are important documents relating to the development of an online course at Marygrove College. Please review, print, and submit these documents to the Chair of the Online Learning Standards Committee:

Linda Brawner (313.927.1846)
Educational Technology Services
Marygrove College

Please Review:

1.  Online Course Standards which all online courses must meet in order to be approved by the Online Learning Standards Committee

2.  Model Syllabus demonstrates what should be included in the syllabus for an online course

Please Submit:
Note: you may print and complete these forms by hand, or you may complete them online and then print them. If you choose to fill them out online, select the "Save as" option from the File menu to save your work.

1.  Online Course Approval Form submitted by the faculty member when proposing an online course

2.  Application for Online Course Development Stipend