Aug 14

Job Title: OED Academic Program Coordinator

Department: Online Education Division

Reports to: Director of Online Education Division

Classification: Full-time, Exempt (salaried)

Date Prepared: July 18, 2014


Marygrove College Online Education Division Academic Program Coordinator

The OED Program Coordinator is a direct report to the Director of Online Education Division (OED) for the development, implementation, and success of running multiple academic online programs. This includes, but is not limited to accreditation, evaluation, strategic initiative implementation, program annual reports, student thesis work, curriculum development, faculty and student relations and support, research and program development. Programs may include Educational Leadership, Education Technology, Professional Development, Master of Art in Teaching, and any other programs that will fall under the OED.

  1. Coordinate Student Relationships, Development, Issues and Services
    • Monitor student grades and manage student issues and investigations
    • Manage Capstone/Thesis/internship Plan of Work approvals, Program Approvals, Info, Guidance, Advisor setup/disputes, program admissions, etc.
    • Oversee faculty advisors with deliverables and progress reports on student internships/capstone/thesis/portfolio projects.
    • Manage student learning outcomes, implementation of institutional and accreditation updates in courses, student projects and assignments.
    • Meet with the candidate and school mentor regarding the placement of the internship.
    • Provide assistance to the intern and instructor/advisor as needed.
    • Receive and review monthly reports from the intern and advisor.
    • Consult with the advisor and intern at the end of the internship to determine the quantity and quality of the internship experience.
    • Meet with the intern at the conclusion to complete the final summative evaluation. 

2. Coordinate Faculty Relationships, Development, and Issues

    • Conduct faculty evaluation process and collaborate with other staff to manage elevated reports/issues
    • Manage, assist and/or maintain faculty hiring, firing, and course assignments
    • Oversee Faculty conference, Faculty Newsletters, and any other communications as established
    • Scaffolds LMS and technological upgrades to provide necessary faculty and student support and updates to use technology.

3. Oversee, coordinate, and manage Daily Program Operations for multiple programs: Internal, Inter-departmental, and external

    • Manage state authorizations, licensures and other necessary authorizations.
    • Manage accreditation, assessment, and additional initiatives that impact programmatic functions and updates.
    • Develop program information materials on all programs as determined.
    • Manage academic probations with Office Manager
    • Provide program and thesis advising.
    • Manage Thesis approvals and progress reports. Coordinate with Registrar accordingly.
    • Manage assessment, outcomes and accreditation: Open Pathway/HLC, TEAC, INACOL, etc. specifically for the programs.
    • Manage and report on data analysis of course effectiveness, student retention and student evaluation.
    • Manage and create annual reports for programs.
    • Collaborate with Library and Ed Tech Support on course shell availability, design, and training of campus-faculty.
    • Assist with research and service projects and opportunities.
    • Liaison Tech Support, Bb, Library, etc as needed and determined.
    • Run subcommittee updates with faculty and manage faculty training in collaboration with other staff.
    • Attend and assist with meetings, retreats, and other activities.
    • Collect and analyze program, course, and student related data for further research and additional institutional needs.
    • Represent Marygrove Online via conferences and national meetings.

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Aug 14

Department: Online Education Division

Reportsto:Director of Online Education 

Division Classification:Full-time,Exempt(salaried)

Date Prepared: July 18, 2014


Marygrove College Online Education Division Quality Assurance Specialist

The OED Quality Assurance Specialist is a direct report to the Director of Online Education Division and is also responsible for the development, implementation, and success of ensuring the curricular and  faculty quality, processes, and program design of multiple academic online programs. This includes, but is not limited to accreditation, evaluation, strategic initiative implementation, curriculum development, course and faculty review and evaluation, technological support and services.

1. Manage Course Curriculum and Process Workflow

    • Manage course development process, ensure quality of new and redeveloped courses, and provide support to course developers and instructional designers.
    • Manage course readiness timelines from inception to completion to ensure delivery and availability of online courses required for students of the College.
    • Responsible for the evaluation of all online course offerings and monitoring of determined success measures, collect data and analyze data on course offerings, teaching, and learning.
    • Develop and document processes, procedures, and supporting materials.
    • Review online courses according to developed criteria and recommend modifications to improve instructional effectiveness.
    • Collect data on courses during the course development process.
    • Present thorough evaluations during the course development and approval process.
    • Prepare or complete necessary documents for course development process.
    • Conduct pre-course reviews (syllabus reviews, course checklist reviews, readiness reviews).
    • Evaluate, review, and improve existing content, courses or programs for online delivery and/or distance learning.
    • Monitor Education Online email inbox and assist students
    • Submit state authorization renewal applications in assistance with program managers where applicable.
    • Examine each  state’s regulation web site on a rotating basis for updates/changes for multiple academic programs where applicable.
    • Seek out new/updated information pertaining to the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) and  evaluate its impact on Marygrove where applicable.

2. Manage Faculty Instruction and Process Workflow

    • Identify instructor training needs, determine training materials, and provide coaching upon collaboration with Ed Tech Support Specialist.
    • Create project timelines and monitor completion of milestones & deliverables.
    • Conduct syllabus and course readiness reviews before the start of each session.
    • Collaborate on resources to support faculty needs around instructional technology.
    • Create any workflow processes with the Director regarding faculty and other programmatic  requirements.

3. Manage Bb and technology updates, implementation, and training

    • Troubleshoot technical Blackboard and curricular issues, and make needed revisions to courses.
    • Work with publishers, software/labs to provide student and instructional support where needed.
    • Conduct research on emerging educational technologies and publisher offerings especially those relating to online education, and make recommendations for new software solutions as appropriate.

4. Internal and Inter-departmental communication and collaboration

    • Collaborate on and implement curriculum assessment projects or course reviews aimed at examining the effectiveness of assignments and their alignment with student learning outcomes.
    • Communicate via oral and written means with other units/departments/divisions regarding curriculum and programmatic development process.
    • Work collaboratively with content specialists, instructional designers, and program managers and program coordinators to review and maintain content delivery strategies, faculty training, and quality online course offerings based upon analysis of learning goals, initiatives, and workflow processes and needs.
    • Investigate student complaints and issues, instructional standards and issues, course errors as they arise.
    • Work with departments and colleges to redesign programs and curricula to integrate academic technology.
    • Assist with state licensure requirements, approvals, and collaborations with other departments for approval processes to develop new and current academic programs.
    • Communicate progress to managers, Director, and team members.
    • Coordinate the activities of multiple faculty and staff to ensure that all project tasks and deliverables meet identified timelines and quality standards.
    • Assist and participate in cross-training efforts, retention efforts, and other special projects.
    • Assist and participate in cross-training efforts.

 5. External involvement

    • Assist and/or participate in conferences to use such information and updates for exploration, implementation, and growth in OED.

 6. Teach 1 Marygrove course every year per subject/degree specialization.

7. Further duties as evolved.


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Aug 14

Department: Online Education Division

Reportsto:Director of Online Education

Division Classification:Full-time,Exempt(salaried)

Date Prepared: July 18, 2014

Marygrove College Online Education Division Office Manager

The OED Office Manager is a direct report to the Director of Online Education Division and is also responsible for the development, implementation, and success of ensuring the daily programmatic and systemic functions and operations of multiple academic online programs. This includes, but is not limited to student services and support, faculty services and support, program services and support, office support, and Director support.

1. Manage day-to-day operations, events, meetings, process workflows etc. for all programs under Online Education Division (OED).

    •   Manage Thesis/Capstone approvals, issues, schedules, and workflows
    •   Ability to work with and meet short and long-term deadlines and effectively prioritize accordingly
    •   Ability to multitask, be a self-starter and quick-learner, and work in a fast-paced environment
    •   Photocopy materials, prepare meetings, information and presentation packets for projects, staff and Chair.
    •   Setup room reservations, meetings, and appointments as needed by the Director and/or program coordinators/managers.
    •   Assist with academic probation monitoring, Webadvisor tracking of student program updates, etc.
    •   Assist, prepare, and plan Faculty Conference
    •   Handle Course dissemination/assignments and faculty communication
    •   Handle student withdrawals, drops, transfers, incompletes
    •   Manage end of course surveys and other data collecting information using a variety of software and technology.
    •   Attend and assist with meetings, retreats, and other activities.
    •   Conduct data analysis and collaborate with QA on similar processe

2. Address and maintain student, faculty, staff, and external communications

    • Provide clerical and research assistance to staff upon request.
    • Answer and direct telephone calls and stop-in inquiries
    • Assist Director and OED team with all programs functioning under OED.
    • Serve as liaison between faculty, administrators, departments and students.
    • Track and record sick/vacation/personal days and payroll slips for faculty and staff.
    • Manage Faculty contracts, scheduling and policies
    • Student advising and issues via email and phone; escalate where necessary and follow process established by the OED Director.
    • Track student information, handle student registrations and groupings, and other related issues.
    • Manage and use software to input, track, and extract student data, registration, etc.

3. Create, update, and/or maintain reports, projects, policies etc.

    • Manage and update Book, purchasing, check requisitions, office orders, supplies, contracts, program information and records
    • Develop letters, newsletters, emails, flyers, meeting minutes, memos, reports (including but not limited to annual reports), proposals as assigned by the Director.
    • Assist with retention efforts, special projects, etc with Director and/or program coordinators.
    • Create, maintain, and process policy forms, accounting and expenses
    • Audit, research, and track student and faculty related issues, such as grades, accounts, portfolio assessments, etc.
    • Prepare bulk mailing for projects, maintain orderly files of department information, including syllabi, receipts, and other records.
    • Assist with cross-training efforts.

4. Other duties as evolved


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Aug 14

REPORTS TO: Chair of Business Department

DEPARTMENT: Business Department


The Marygrove College Department of Business invites applications to fill positions for Part-time Adjunct Faculty for the 2014-2015 Academic Year. We are currently seeking instructors to teach the following courses:

  • Principles of Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Federal Income Tax Accounting
  • Finance classes

Classes are offered days and evenings.


The qualified candidates will possess an MBA or similar degree. Experience in basic accounting education is preferred. The ability to work well with students, faculty, and staff, as well as the ability to function in an environment that includes utilizing classroom multimedia resources is required. Teaching experience including excellent communication skills, experience with computer-based instruction, and experience teaching in a multicultural environment are desirable qualifications.

To Apply:

Candidates should send (1) an application letter, which includes teaching philosophy, (2) two letters of recommendation, and (3) a vitae/resume to:

Ms. Laurie L. Kopack, Accounting and Business Programs

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jul 14

Department: Success Center, Office of Academic Affairs

Reports to: Director of Success Center

Classification: Full-time, Exempt (salaried)

Date Prepared: July 7, 2014


Position Description and Responsibilities:

The Success Center’s mission is to develop competent and effective urban leaders by providing services that direct, inspire, and inform students to optimize their experience at Marygrove, assist students to excel academically, and prepare students for meaningful and impactful careers through success coaching, experiential learning, and skills development.

The Experiential Learning Specialist will report to the Director of the Success Center and is responsible for developing and expanding the career services program aligned with Marygrove’s priorities.  The position will work closely with Academic Advisors to ensure that career development and placement services meet the unique needs of each academic discipline and will maintain and develop working relationships with other Student Affairs units, community service agencies, and employers.

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Administer/manage a comprehensive and intentional career services operation that enhances the overall educational experience of students through the development of, exposure to, and participation in on and off campus career preparation opportunities
  • Serve as the conduit between the external professional network environment and Marygrove College, including the establishment and logistical support for student internship/coop/experiential learning opportunities/placements
  • Oversee/coordinate the recruitment and involvement of undergraduate students in new as well as on-going co- curricular programming at the College, including supporting the administrative and developmental needs of faculty incorporating experiential learning activities (professional internships, coop, service learning, community-based learning, etc.) in their courses
  • Oversee employer relations, on-campus recruiting program, and internships programs
  • Organize a comprehensive library with up to date materials needed by students making career decisions and conducting job searches
  • Provide consultation to businesses and academic programs in the establishment of highly effective internship/coop  programs
  • Ensure that the Career Services meets the standards set forth in the National Association of Colleges Employers standards for professional conduct
  • Serve on college committees, and task forces, as designated by position or by appointment
  • Keeps abreast of developments in career services through professional associations, regional memberships, bulletins and other written resources, webinars, and conference attendance
  • Act as the College representative on regional higher education career services boards and committees
  • Prepare reports, as needed
  • Perform other related duties as required

Career Coaching Responsibilities

  • Develop, and deliver programming to support the professional preparation of students, including but not limited to workshops, support professional documents critiques, and interview skills as well as how to best present themselves and represent Marygrove College to professional organizations and graduate schools
  • Counsel students individually and in groups on career planning
  • Plan and deliver Career Development and Job Search Services to current students and alumni
  • Train Success Coaches and other staff and peer mentors on Career Coaching

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Jul 14

The Marygrove College Mathematics Department invites applications for a part-time adjunct faculty in Mathematics. Responsibilities will include teaching developmental and foundational mathematics courses: Pre-algebra and Algebra.


The qualified candidates will possess a M.S. or Ph.D.  in mathematics or mathematics education. Ph.D. preferred. Teaching experience, experience with computer-based instruction, and experience teaching in a multicultural environment are desirable qualifications.


To be assured of consideration, applicants must submit: 

  •        Introductory Cover Letter, which should include teaching philosophy and research interests;
  •        A Curriculum Vitae, and;
  •        Two Letters of Recommendation;


Ms. Teri Miller, Administrative Assistant to the Science and Mathematics Division

c/o Marygrove College, 8425 West McNichols Road, Detroit, MI 48221;OR via e-Mail at

(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Review of applications will commence immediately.


Apr 14


Position:  Assistant Professor of Business

Department:  Business, CIS, and HRM

Position Type:  Faculty

Reports to:  Department Chair

[Position Description]


The Assistant Professor of Business teaches twelve credit hours of courses per semester to serve both day and evening students. This faculty member serves on a faculty committee, acts as an academic advisor to undergraduates majoring in Business, and fulfills other responsibilities assigned by the President, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Special Assistant to the President, and the Business and Computer Information Systems Department Chairperson.  The assistant professor of Business is an active scholar purposefully engaged in research, presentation, and publication.

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Jul 13


The Marygrove College Science and Mathematics Department is seeking qualified applicants to fill a position for Part-time Adjunct Faculty for the 2013-2014 Academic Year. We are currently seeking an instructor to teach Introduction to Forensic Science (with lab) in the fall and Crime Scene Investigation in the Winter 2014 semester. 


M.S. or Ph.D. in Forensic Science or related discipline or related degree with full time paid work experience in the field within the past three years. It is preferred that candidate have previous teaching experience in Forensic Science or working experience in the forensic science field.  Applicants must possess excellent communication skills; have the ability to work well with students, faculty and staff; and have the ability to function well in a technological environment that includes utilizing classroom multimedia resources.


To be assured of consideration, applicants must submit: 

  • Introductory Cover Letter, which should include teaching philosophy and research interests; 
  • A Curriculum Vitae, and; 
  • Two Letters of Recommendation;


Ms. Teri Miller, Administrative Assistant to the Science and Mathematics Department 

c/o Marygrove College, 8425 West McNichols Road, Detroit, MI 48221; 

OR via e-Mail è ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Review of applications will commence immediately. 


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