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Thank you for considering Florent Gillet hall at Marygrove College for your housing accommodations. Student housing at Marygrove provides you with more than a place to eat and sleep — this opportunity is a vital part of your total educational experience.


Steps to Move In:
  1. All students who desire to live in Florent Gillet must have a completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on file with the college. Note: All housing applications received without a FASFA on file will not be processed. If you have any questions regarding your financial aid, please feel free to contact the Financial Aid office at 313.927.1245.
  2. Upon review and approval from the Ombudsperson’s office (L.A. room #122 – 313.927.1375), students are required to pay a $250.00 security deposit at the Business office located in the Liberal Arts building, room 120, 313.927.1235. Students must provide proof (receipt) to a member of the residence life staff prior to receiving a room assignment.
  3. Students will be contacted via mail by the Office of Residence Life to schedule an interview and receive further information regarding their housing application.
Student Responsibilities and Important Information:
  • Students who reside in Florent Gillet Hall must carry health insurance. Insurance waivers are available to students who show proof of insurance. To show proof of insurance, please contact the Wellness Director at 313.927.1406, or contact the Administrative Assistant for Student Affairs at 313.927.1402.
  • Students who sign the housing application acknowledge taking full responsibility for all guests with regards to conduct and behavior while on campus. Any misconduct by a resident’s guest may result in the resident being involuntarily removed from the residence hall.
  • Residents are expected to acquaint themselves with all residence hall policies outlined in the student handbook.
Students Responsibilities regarding Move Out:
  1. Students who sign the attached housing application acknowledge housing in Florent Gillet Hall is not 12 month, 365 days/year housing. Housing in Florent Gillet is scheduled for the academic calendar (fall and winter semesters) set by Marygrove College. Students, who are considered in good standing, may apply for temporary housing. Temporary housing contracts will be offered before the conclusion of the winter semester (April) for summer sessions offered at the College.
  2. Students are expected to follow the proper move out procedures outlined in the Student Handbook (pdf). Any students who do not follow the proper check out procedure will automatically forfeit their security deposit.
  3. All students must move out of Florent Gillet during Christmas holiday. Also, any student who is not registered for the summer session is expected to move out of Florent Gillet.
Important Dates to Remember: Last day for accepting housing applications and security deposit:

Fall Semester: August 30th
Winter Semester: November 30th
Summer Term: April 30th

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