Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) — Overview of Requirements
Marygrove has established general undergraduate degree requirements that apply to all candidates for bachelor (or baccalaureate) degrees. In order to earn a bachelor’s degree at Marygrove, you must meet the following criteria:

Total Credit Hours
Candidates for a bachelor’s degree must complete a minimum of 128 semester hours of credit in an approved degree program.

Credit Hours in Developmental and Foundational Studies
In order to earn a bachelor’s degree, you must complete all the Developmental/Foundational studies courses in mathematics, learning strategies, and composition that were indicated by your placement test results. Credits in Developmental level courses do not count in your total hours toward your degree.

Only 12 hours of lower division (100-200 level) composition courses, whether transfer or Marygrove credit, may be included in the 128 credit hours needed for a bachelor’s degree. If you have more than 12 hours of lower division composition credits, the surplus hours will count as general college credit beyond the minimum of 128 credits required for a degree.

Only 3 hours of basic algebra may be included in the 128 credit hours needed for the bachelor’s degree. If you have more than 3 algebra credits at a level below Marygrove’s MTH 105, they will count as general college credit beyond the minimum of 128 credits required for a degree.

Because of Marygrove’s commitment to liberal education, those students who elect a Bachelor of Arts degree must show evidence of a broad range of knowledge and skill in addition to specialized knowledge and skill in one or more areas.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
The Bachelor of Science degree can be elected by students majoring in the following areas of study: biology, chemistry, environmental science, forensic science, general science, mathematics, and computer information systems. The general education requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree are the same as those for the Bachelor of Arts degree. For the B.S. degree, however, your total degree program must include 48 hours of related science and mathematics. Specifics of the degree requirements are available through the departments involved.

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.)
The Bachelor of Applied Science is an interdisciplinary degree program which builds on technical or occupational knowledge a student has acquired prior to enrolling at Marygrove College. The degree requires completion of general education requirements and 60-72 hours in an area of specialization. For details, see the Computer Information Systems section of the undergraduate catalog.

Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.)
The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a specialized degree consisting of a minimum of 60 credit hours in a range of business subjects and a concentration in accounting, business administration, financial planning, management or marketing. A maximum of 70 credits in business and accounting courses may be counted toward the 128 credit hours required for the degree. The general education requirements for the B.B.A. degree are outlined in the General Education section of the catalog. You must also complete the related discipline courses in computer information systems and economics required for the B.B.A. degree. For details, see the Business program section of this catalog.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts/Visual Arts (B.F.A.)
The Bachelor of Fine Arts/Visual Arts represents a concentration and accomplishment beyond that required in the major program for the Bachelor of Arts. Intensified in both scope and depth, the program is designed for students with marked ability and commitment. Students are required to make specific application for candidacy. Often requiring more than eight semesters, the program is detailed under the Art section of the undergraduate catalog.

Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.)
The Bachelor of Music degree represents a specialized program emphasizing the knowledge, skills, and disciplines essential for a musician. The degree program has four major components: general education, general and specialized music requirements, minor requirements, and electives. Within the degree program, students may specialize in applied organ, piano, guitar, flute, or voice; music education; sacred music; piano pedagogy, or music theory. Approximately 80-85 credit hours in music are required for the Bachelor of Music degree. Specifics of the general and specialized music requirements are listed in the Music section of the undergraduate catalog.

Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)
The Bachelor of Social Work degree is a specialized program representing a concentration in the social sciences and social welfare, and competency in social work practice. The degree program has four interrelated components: general education requirements, supportive social science cognates for the interdisciplinary major, professional core requirements, and electives. Specific requirements for each of the four components are listed in the Social Work program section of the undergraduate catalog. A concentration of approximately 65 credit hours in social work, sociology, and psychology is required. A student majoring in social work develops the components of this interdisciplinary program in consultation with a departmental advisor. Students are required to apply for and be accepted into the social work program.

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