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  • inforgraphic-what-does-the-online-classroomAlthough online and distance learning programs have been around for more than two decades, many students still have questions about online education:

    • What does the online learning experience look like?
    • How does it work?
    • How does it compare to the traditional classroom experience?
    • Am I tech-savvy enough to learn through an online program?

    We’d like to answer these questions and do it in an easily-digestible way—through an infographic that you can take with you, just click here and share and repost at your leisure.

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    The first time you log on, you will see your virtual desk where every class is clearly organized. Your collaboration group has a shared online discussion space, and you have frequent contact with your mentor through conference calls and email. You will be able to stay on track and complete your assignments with the help of checklists and timelines. 


    We provide robust learning experiences that hold your attention, activate your creativity, and accommodate your personal learning style. Textbooks, articles and subject matter experts bring you the latest information available.


    You will gain deep understanding of course materials through collaboration with other professionals, either through face-to-face collaboration groups or online discussion boards.

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  • Marygrove College’s Free Principal Coaching Guide

    WithinPrincipal Coaching Guide the last few decades, the role of the principal has changed dramatically. In addition to all of the administrative and managerial duties he or she organizes behind the scenes, principals are also expected to design effective curricula, improve teaching and learning, assess, motivate and inspire.

    So how does one person accomplish all of this? If you’d like to know more, download our Education Leadership 

    Principal Coaching Guide for free.

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    Welcome to the Marygrove  OnlineGrad resource center. We’ve put together a number of downloadable materials that you can easily access and take with you for absolutely free.

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    The Graduate Admissions Department answers questions you may have about the college. As soon as we receive your completed application, you are assigned a personal admissions counselor to help you through the admissions process.


    If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the online application forms. Have questions? We’ve got the answers — just call or email us. And remember, Marygrove College follows a “rolling admissions” policy — that means we accept applications all year. You may enter the college at the beginning of any term, however, it’s best to apply at least two months prior to your desired term of entry.


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  • If your course is held at least in part on the Marygrove Campus, the online courseware is located here
  • If you are enrolled in RDG 510 - the online courseware is located here
  • If you are enrolled in MAT semesters 1-4 (EDU 568 or EDU 622) - the online courseware is located here
  • If you are enrolled in MAT semester 5 - the online courseware is located here 

    CIA 610, CIA 615, MTH 525, MTH 535, MTH 526, MTH 536, RDG 610 and RDG 615

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