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September greetings:

It is good to get past August with all its challenges (an earthquake and a hurricane, if you live near me). Hope these events were, at the most, inconveniences for you and similar events will not affect your plans for our own historic reunion. While our gathering will not be as earth shaking or newsworthy for the eastern seacoast, it promises to be an event you will not want to miss. I know it is still early in the registration process but please get your reservation in soon, if you are one who has not registered yet. A lot of us look forward to seeing each of you soon.

The events of the last week reminded me again that in 2003, my eighth grade class planned a 50th reunion, also in Detroit. It just happened to be the same weekend that Hurricane Isabel decided to pay a visit to Pennsylvania. When my flight was re-routed for the second time and the weather was still unsettled, I ended up not going at all. I regret to this day that I was not a bit more adventurous but will not learn that lesson again! I plan to be there and hope you do, too. This event cannot be rescheduled and will not be repeated again! Ever! It is now or never. So whatever else crops up for our weekend, remember, this has been scheduled a year ago and just cannot be missed.

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Hello to all,

It is August and our big celebration is close. By now you know what’s planned and should be excited about all the possibilities. I will fill you in on some of the fine tuning that we have done.

As Time Goes By

We have 91 submissions including memories of most of our deceased members. While some of the pages for deceased members are full, we still have some space available on the pages for:

  • Janet Casha Looney*
  • Maureen Loranger Neumaier
  • Joann Madonna Hartman*
  • Mary Ann Murphy Bolduc*
  • Barbara Perkins Beagan*
  • Genevieve Wreggelsworth*

if you still want to send some memories, especially for Janet Casha. We could also use a recent picture for names marked with a * as well as Margaret Reilly Wolski and Judy Skowronski Kihn.

Only a few of you still owe me a picture of yourself, so please send them anyway you can, but do it soon! Our grand edit begins the second week of August.

The cost for our book will be $15 for books picked up at the reunion and $20 if the book has to be mailed. The address on the order form is the address that will be used for the delivery of the book. The deadline for ordering the book will be September 1, 2011. So please send your check for $15 or $20 along with your order form soon.


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Happy July everyone!

This will be short because right now we are in full production mode to make sure that our memory book, As Time Goes By, is as great as we are.  And, trust me, we are great because we have done great things! If you are just getting around to putting those thoughts together, do send them along soon. But eventually I will need to get the total number of pages we will have (as well as the completed pages themselves) to the printer for an estimate. I hope to have the cost available by August 1st.

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Dear Classmates,

It’s that time again. Another progress report. The months are ticking off rapidly and it will be September before we know it. All indications are that we are headed for a great turnout and a great reunion. Attendance should be fantastic. Only 14 of our classmates have sent word so far, that they will be unable to join us for the celebration of our lives . . . and to celebrate our lives! This is all about us! And we are definitely worth it. While a number of our classmates do have serious issues and simply are not able to make the trip they have sent wishes for a great time for the rest of us. We will miss them – each and every one. But a remarkable number of us appear to be up to the challenge and have already made plans to attend. Yeah for us!

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Happy Spring to the Class of 1961 -

I really appreciate all the gratitude so many have expressed for coordinating all the information for our reunion. But it is not just me. So many have stepped up and taken on one of the responsibilities. I pass your thanks along to my many helpers, especially all those who have helped contact people who have not responded yet.


Okay, submissions to our memory book are finally starting to trickle in (but not fast enough) and we thank you very much for your discipline to do this. How do you recap 50 years? Well, it isn’t easy, we know that. But you can do it. Remember the hints provided previously (use any or all that you like):

  • Since 1961 . . . (Tell us what you have been doing – not everything though!)
  • The most rewarding aspect of my life since graduation has been . . .
  • Looking back over the last 50 years, the most significant part of my Marygrove education was . . .
  • My favorite “Marygrove Minute” occurred when . . . (so far, these have been really funny. Not all of us lived in the dorms, so I am getting quite an education 50 years later. I never knew that rain gutters were for refrigeration of beer bottles! How very clever we were. Tell me more, please.)

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