Dear Classmates,

I have never tried to organize a 50th reunion before so please help me out here! If I recorded your information correctly, you are lucky! Go buy a lottery ticket. If not, I will be happy to make the correction. Just let me know. We will post as much as possible on the Class of 1961’s page on Marygrove’s web site. Look for "Class of 1961" in the column on the left. It should be up soon. I will update the information posted from time to time. For those without web access, the lists are included in this mailing. All lists change, many by the day. We even add to the MIAs from time to time as we discover email or street addresses that are outdated.  I have a notation "Revised Date" with each list so you can see if your change should have been made or is still waiting in the wings. So far, I have lists of

  • volunteer possibilities for you to consider,
  • the MIAs we still hope to find - for some, we have very good leads that still must be followed,
  • class members who plan to come to the reunion with home towns (in case some want to coordinate travel plans),
  • class members who are still deciding,
  • people whose street address is doubtful ,
  • people whose email address might be outdated ,
  • possible activities in addition to the events scheduled by the college,
  • people who have agreed to work on the Golden Reunion Committee.

So here is how a Marygrove reunions work.  Marygrove plans certain events or activities. And those activities will happen automatically. Diane Puhl has a magic wand and she makes it all happen. You received a list of the Marygrove sponsored activities as the third page of the November letter. In addition, there are other activities which we, as a class, decide to do. Those only happen if we make them happen. More ideas are still welcome, committee chairs are essential as well as your participation on the committees, and in the event or activity. If only one or two are interested, it probably won't happen. It’s your decision!

I have been absolutely thrilled to hear your stories as I have talked to some of you so far. I am both proud and humbled to be in your company! Please get busy writing those stories so that all may hear even more than what I have learned already. The deadline will be up to the Class Book committee but probably it will be in late spring to give the committee time to put it all together.  We have shared our Marygrove values and the world is a better place because of the Class of 1961. Please continue to provide information about our MIA addresses, email or otherwise - the job is far from complete. Next month, we will have a committee report so you can help determine what we will to do for our reunion.


Anne Marie

Anne Marie Abel Searer
866 Sand Hill Road
Hershey PA 17033
(717) 533-9636
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