Hello to all,

It is August and our big celebration is close. By now you know what’s planned and should be excited about all the possibilities. I will fill you in on some of the fine tuning that we have done.

As Time Goes By

We have 91 submissions including memories of most of our deceased members. While some of the pages for deceased members are full, we still have some space available on the pages for:

  • Janet Casha Looney*
  • Maureen Loranger Neumaier
  • Joann Madonna Hartman*
  • Mary Ann Murphy Bolduc*
  • Barbara Perkins Beagan*
  • Genevieve Wreggelsworth*

if you still want to send some memories, especially for Janet Casha. We could also use a recent picture for names marked with a * as well as Margaret Reilly Wolski and Judy Skowronski Kihn.

Only a few of you still owe me a picture of yourself, so please send them anyway you can, but do it soon! Our grand edit begins the second week of August.

The cost for our book will be $15 for books picked up at the reunion and $20 if the book has to be mailed. The address on the order form is the address that will be used for the delivery of the book. The deadline for ordering the book will be September 1, 2011. So please send your check for $15 or $20 along with your order form soon.




Class Dinner

Dinner will begin at 6 PM at the Big Fish Seafood Bistro, 700 Town Center Drive (at the corner of Valley View and Town Center Drives) in Dearborn. Ruth Ann Stauder LeBay tells me we have 17 reservations in already and we bet you will be sending your reservation along this week. Those already planning to celebrate at our dinner include:

  • Kathy Walker
  • Monica Stuhlreyer
  • Ellen Cameron
  • Lois Carroll Dunn
  • Chuck and Robin Gallagher-McEnery
  • Anne Marie Abel Searer
  • Judy Tomlanovich Miller
  • Emily Butler Petrarca
  • Maryalice Abood
  • Elsie Schuster Montone
  • Mary Jo Lynch 
  • Barbara Crower Norton
  • Dick and Barbara Tucker Hills
  • Gerry Charney Kirkpatrick
  • Ruth Stauder LeBay

Just to review: the total price is $35 each and includes the three course dinner, tax, gratuity, and served in our own private space with a cash bar conveniently located close by. The restaurant will allow us to order from a special “Marygrove Reunion” menu of five selections, including one vegetarian, so everyone can make their choice that evening. Guests are definitely welcome. We ask you to reserve your place at our reunion dinner table by sending a check payable to Ruth for $35 at: Ruth LeBay, 2338 Chesapeake Ct., Troy MI 48098.

Questions for Ruth:  (248) 641-7667, or Ruth LeBay <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Class Gift

Contributions have started to come to the Alumni Office. We need to give the college some direction on how the funds are to be used. New ideas are still welcome but we must decide soon.  If you have not already done so, please review the options I sent in April or use the link:

http://www.marygrove.edu/alumni-donors/homecoming/class-of-1961/class-gift.html Lois Carroll Dunn has agreed to serve as the coordinator of the gift suggestions. So please send your preference on how our gift should be spent to Lois at: Lois Dunn <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, or 117 Woodcrest Dr., Roscommon, MI 48653, or call her at (989) 821-5038.

Gifts selected by recent years include donations to: Center for Social Justice and Community Engagement, Urban Leader Scholarship, Nancy A. Geschke Writing Center, and the Institute for Detroit Studies. A new idea that has not received funding yet is the Women’s Center of Marygrove College. It is also possible that we could indicate our gift should be spent by the college in what they believe to be the area of greatest need.

Class of ’61 Creates

We can only guess what wonders you have created in the last 50 years. So bring some samples along. Saturday afternoon will provide the perfect opportunity to share and enjoy the creativity of our classmates. What creation(s) would you be willing to display at our reunion? What a unique way to discover and celebrate each other's gifts. Any and all talents are welcome –

  • creative writing
  • fiction
  • nonfiction
  • poetry
  • music
  • videos
  • CDs
  • web sites
  • oil paintings
  • watercolors
  • photography
  • floral arrangements
  • pottery
  • needlework
  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • quilting
  • paper folding
  • scrap-booking
  • stained glass
  • anything else

If it has a name, one of us has probably done it! Barb Tucker Hills is ready to help you showcase your work. Please contact Barb directly to discuss how to display your favorite creations. She is ready and excited to hear from you. Contact her: Barb Hills <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>, or 1044 Ashley Taylor Court, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281, (330) 336-6946.

So all the planning will soon come to an end and only the celebration will be left. That is starting to sound very good to me. I even made my plane reservations this weekend. I thank all of you for the many suggestions, searches, essays, pictures, memories, and endless offers of thanks and help. You have kept me on track. It is wonderful to see all these activities coming to a successful completion.


Anne Searer

Anne Searer

 Class Dinner Reservation Form.pdf