September greetings:

It is good to get past August with all its challenges (an earthquake and a hurricane, if you live near me). Hope these events were, at the most, inconveniences for you and similar events will not affect your plans for our own historic reunion. While our gathering will not be as earth shaking or newsworthy for the eastern seacoast, it promises to be an event you will not want to miss. I know it is still early in the registration process but please get your reservation in soon, if you are one who has not registered yet. A lot of us look forward to seeing each of you soon.

The events of the last week reminded me again that in 2003, my eighth grade class planned a 50th reunion, also in Detroit. It just happened to be the same weekend that Hurricane Isabel decided to pay a visit to Pennsylvania. When my flight was re-routed for the second time and the weather was still unsettled, I ended up not going at all. I regret to this day that I was not a bit more adventurous but will not learn that lesson again! I plan to be there and hope you do, too. This event cannot be rescheduled and will not be repeated again! Ever! It is now or never. So whatever else crops up for our weekend, remember, this has been scheduled a year ago and just cannot be missed.

Distinguished Alumni Awards

Well, we are almost there. But we have some loose ends to tie up. The first loose end is the matter of the presentation of one of the Distinguished Alumni Awards to our very own, Judy Tomlanovich Miller. You will have to wait until the ceremony to hear Judy’s story. The editors of As Time Goes By, having had a sneak peak at Judy’s inspiring story, are sure you will be impressed. The ceremony will take place on Friday night at 7 PM in the Marygrove College Theater in Liberal Arts Building. Let’s all turn out to be sure Judy knows how proud we are of her accomplishments.

Your Navigator

Because the Southfield freeway is again (still) under repairs, there are some detours that are in effect. Below is the most current information from Daine Pulh and the Hyatt that should help:

Directions from the airport to the Hyatt:

I-94 East to Telegraph Rd North to Michigan Ave East to Evergreen Rd North (left turn).  Turn right on Valley View Dr and then Right on Town Center Dr.  The hotel is on the right.  (It is approximately 13 miles from the airport to the hotel.)

Directions from the Hyatt to Marygrove:

Right on Town Center Dr to Northwood Rd.  Right on Northwood Rd to Hubbard Dr and turn Right.  Take Hubbard Rd to Greenfield Rd and turn Left (North).  Take Greenfield Rd. to I-96 East.  I-96 East to Wyoming St Exit (stay in the local lanes on I-96).  Turn Left on Wyoming (North) and take to McNichols Rd.  Turn Right on McNichols and Marygrove is on the Right. (It is approximately 10 miles and will take about 25 minutes.)

As Time Goes By

Our memory book, As Time Goes By, is finally complete and will be off to the printer within the week.  Like the Cadbury Bunny, when they are gone, they are gone. And like the tasty eggs, there will be sweet surprised inside. So, do not delay one day longer. If you have not yet ordered your copy, please email (or call 717,533.9636) me promptly and then also send your check for $15 (available at the reunion) or $20 (to have it mailed) to: Emily Butler Petrarca, 45 Melbourne Avenue, OH 44313, call her (330) 836-8860, or email her: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let her know. Since I am a little late getting this out, I will extend the deadline just a tad to Wednesday, September 7th. That is not much of an extension so don’t be fooled. Order today.

Sandy Weiss suggested that we might want to include a birthday (yes, we do all still have one) for everyone in the contact information. While the suggestion came too late to request the information and have it printed in the book, I will be glad to compile a list via email (for those using email) and at the reunion (for those who do not use email). So please start sending me the special day you celebrate. This could also be a nice way to keep in touch at some other time rather than Christmas when everyone is always so busy. With a data base, I can print a list alphabetically as well as by month and date. You can then enter the dates right in your book, if you like.


Celebrate with dinner – our very own classy class event. If you have not yet made dinner plans for Saturday night, there still is time to join the fun and have even more time to talk to everyone. We can still add to our count until September 3rd so if your spouse or significant other would like to join us, send your check for $35 to Ruth Stauder LeBay, 2338 Chesapeake Court, Troy, MI 48098. A phone call or email to alert her to the fact that “the check is in the mail” would be important (248) 641-7667, or Ruth LeBay <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>.

The Class Gift

The suggestions are in, the voting is complete, and the winner is: Women's Center of Marygrove College. While we had many exciting choices to help fund, the majority of those who had an opinion were in favor of the Women’s Center. And the really important thing is that we as a class will help to make a difference in the education of many young people of the area. And thanks to all who have contributed so far. Is there a deadline for this, too? Of course - October 31st.  So if you are still planning to contribute, please do so as soon as possible.

Share a Room

If you are wishing you had reserved a room so you could stay later at the dinner or you are just interested in saving a few of those shrinking dollars, get in touch with Gerri Charney Kirkpatrick who has offered to coordinate the effort and help put people in touch. What could be better than paying $85 a night for a great hotel room?  Well, how about paying $42.50? (Yes, there will be tax, 14%.) But two comfy double beds, well, that’s not half bad – really it’s double good. Please contact Gerry directly at: PO Box 481 De Soto KS 66018, (913) 515-1210, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Share a Ride

And what about doubling up for a ride to and from the college? That way there is an extra navigator, or someone else to blame for that wrong turn. We probably do not have to figure this one out ahead of time but if anyone wants to volunteer to coordinate the wheels, I would be glad to assign the responsibility ahead of time. There is just one person who I would not ask to coordinate rides because she has a history of having “borrowed” a car from someone she did not even know. She knows who she is and soon you will too.

Class of ’61 Creates

After the lunch on Saturday, there will be tours of the campus. Those who plan to bring a creation or two will be able to display their items or just mill about to chat with others. I do not know exactly where we will be able to do this but Diane will find us a place. We may just continue in the same room as the luncheon. If anyone else is interested in bringing along a creation, please contact Barb Tucker Hills: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or (330) 336-6946, and tell her what you have created and plan to bring. Some have asked how long the Saturday afternoon activities will last and if they live locally, will they have time to go home. I guess that that depends on where home is and how long you want to stay and what works for you.  I guess there are no answers to those questions. Sorry.

Who’s Who

The last page this time is a list (as current as possible) of who is attending each of the three events that are planned for our class. If you notice a name or two missing from a list, someone with whom you really wanted to spend time, please give them a call or email and let them know that you are disappointed. Or maybe you see that all the party people are already on the list but you forgot to sign up, there still is time. But not much. Call or email me if you need the contact info for that missing friend or friends. Now that the book is done and my last newsletter is out, I will not know what to do with all my free time! So I will have plenty of time to connect you ahead of time to that long lost friend.

If your name is missing from any one of these lists, please check with Ruth (Saturday dinner, contact info above) or Diane Puhl (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for either of the on-campus events. It is also possible that the lists have been updated after I received the information.

Well, I think that is it. At least until I remember something else. Please allow me to think that you do know how that is!




Saturday Brunch Saturday Dinner Saturday Dinner
Anne Abel Searer Anne Abel Searer Anne Abel Searer
Emily Butler Petrarca Maryalice Aboud Abood Maryalice Aboud Abood
Ellen M. Cameron Emily Butler Petrarca Emily Butler Petrarca
Lois Carroll Dunn Ellen Cameron Ellen Cameron
Barbara Crower Norton Lois Carroll Dunn Lois Carroll Dunn
Roberta Fortier Geib Gerry Charney Kirkpatrick Gerry Charney Kirkpatrick
Robin Gallagher-McEnery Barbara Crower Norton Barbara Crower Norton
Edie Heidrich Rancilio Sr. Mary Ann Dalton Sr. Mary Ann Dalton
Joyce Holder Jean Dietrich Rooney Jean Dietrich Rooney
and Homer Matthews Sr. Dorothy Doran Sr. Dorothy Doran
Sharon Holland, IHM Virginia Ficarra Virginia Ficarra
Ruth Koenders Bluntzer Robin Gallagher Robin Gallagher
Patricia McClain Gries and Chuck McEnery and Chuck McEnery
Pat McGrail Mott Dolores Irlbacher Bohle Dolores Irlbacher Bohle
Mary McNish Mary Jo Lynch Mary Jo Lynch
Mary Ann Rebeta McKinnon Pat McClain Gries Pat McClain Gries
Elsie Schuster Montone Mary Jean Moran Kanya Mary Jean Moran Kanya
Mary Ellen Sheehan, IHM Ellen Neff Ellen Neff
Monica Stuhlreyer, IHM Elsie Schuster Montone Elsie Schuster Montone
Ruth Ann Stauder LeBay Sr. Mary Ellen Sheehan Sr. Mary Ellen Sheehan
Barbara Surbis Kondalski Ruth Stauder LeBay Ruth Stauder LeBay
Judith Tomlanovich Miller Sr. Monica Stuhlreyer Sr. Monica Stuhlreyer
Barbara Tucker Hills Judy Tomlanovich Miller Judy Tomlanovich Miller
Marie Woodall Handley Barbara Tucker Barbara Tucker
Kathleen Walker and Dick Hills and Dick Hills
Lillian Valovich Havasi Lillian Valovich Havasi
Kathy Walker Kathy Walker