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Sunday, November 29, 2015

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Spanish Course Descriptions


SPA 150 Elementary Spanish I                                                                                                     3 hours
General Education option. Term 1and 2
Introduces the basic skills necessary for mastery of the Spanish language—listening, speaking/pronunciation, reading, and writing. Includes an introduction to the culture and geography of Spanish-speaking countries.

SPA 151 Elementary Spanish II                                                                                                      3 hours
General Education option. Prerequisites: SPA 150 or placement. Term 2
Continued study of Spanish language and culture. Emphasizes the basic skills necessary for mastery of the Spanish Language. Includes an introduction to the culture and geography of Spanish-speaking countries.

SPA 250 Intermediate Spanish I                                                                                                   4 hours
Prerequisites: SPA 151 or placement. Term 1.
Stresses the continued development of language skills in the four areas of language learning—listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Includes low-intermedi­ate level conversation and composition. Includes study of literary and cultural selections from the Hispanic world.

SPA 251 Intermediate Spanish II                                                                                                  4 hours
Prerequisite: SPA 250 or placement. Term 2.
Continued development of language skills. High-inter­mediate level grammar and conversation.

SPA 310 Business Spanish                                                                                          - online  4 hours
Prerequisite: SPA 251 or equivalent. Term varies.
Oral and written practice in Spanish in preparation for working in a Spanish-speaking environment.
Conducted in Spanish.

SPA 320 Conversational Spanish                                                                                                4 hours
Prerequisite: SPA 251 or equivalent. Term varies.
Development of oral language skills at the intermedi­ate/advanced level. Conducted in Spanish.

SPA 332 Latin American Humanities                                                                            - online  3 hours
Cultural values and expressive arts of Latin American nations, both ancient and modern.

SPA 347 Methods in Foreign Language Teaching and Language Acquisition        - online  3 hours
Prerequisite: SPA 350 or placement. Term Varies.
Strategies for developing and implementing detailed lesson plans based on a diagnostic-instruction model for both developmental skills in language acquisition. First half of the course will prepare the student for field-based experi­ence. Peer, instructor, and self-evaluation of lessons.

SPA 350 Advanced Grammar and Composition                                                         - online 4 hours
Prerequisite: SPA 251 or placement. Term 1
Advanced grammar review. Literary and other readings. Conversation and composition. Conducted in Spanish.

SPA 351 Introduction to Hispanic Literature - online                                                              4 hours
Prerequisite: SPA 350. Term 2.
Representative readings and analysis of peninsular and Latin American literature from all periods. Includes com­position, conversation, and continued grammar review. Conducted in Spanish.

SPA 354 Iberian History & Culture - online                                                                              4 hours
Prerequisite: SPA 350 or equivalent. Term 2.
Overview of Spanish history from the Roman colonization of Spain to the present. Discussion of Iberian history, art, religion, popular culture, and contemporary social issues. Emphasis placed on the influence of the country’s history on present-day Spain. Conducted in Spanish.

SPA 400                             Principles of Translation      - online                                              3 hours
Prerequisite: SPA 350 or equivalent. Term 1.
Introduction to the Translation Certificate programs in French, Spanish, and Arabic. Survey of the main theories of translation and interpretation; methodology section dealing with the linguistic and cultural aspects of language transfer; professional component including an overview of career opportunities and current practices. Course taught in English.Taught online.

SPA 401                             Translation Workshop I     - online                                                 3 hours
Prerequisite: SPA 350 or equivalent. Term 1.
Translation of journalistic, commercial, legal, and scientific texts from Spanish into English. Includes an overview of the Spanish language and a contrastive analysis of the two linguistic systems. Also introduces the interpretation process. Taught online.

SPA 402                             Translation Workshop II    - online                                                3 hours
Prerequisite: SPA 350 or equivalent. Term 2.
Continuation of Translation Workshop I. Also includes translations of contemporary literary excerpts from Spanish into English and practice tests from the American Translators Association. Taught online.

SPA 403                             Business Translation Workshop    - online                                  3 hours
Prerequisite: SPA 350 or equivalent. Term 2.
Translation of Spanish business texts into English. Texts include printed and online promotional and informational material, as well as various types of business correspondence and transactions. Taught online.

SPA 488                             Cooperative Field Experience                                                       3 hours
Prerequisites: For translation, SPA 400, 401, 402, and 403; for other bilingual field experience, SPA 351. Term varies.
Opportunity for supervised field experience and preparation of a professional portfolio.

SPA 491                             Independent Study     online                                                        1-4 hours
Prerequisite: SPA 350. Term varies.
Enrichment of a regular course or research project.


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