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Social Science Overview


B.A. Level: Business • Government • Human Services • Law Enforcement • Graduate Level: • Business Administration • Education • Law • Social Work


Like many students, you may find it difficult to select a single discipline for a major. Therefore, a major in social science may suit you best. You will be part of an interdisciplinary program, which examines society’s institutions —their structures, theoretical foundations, evaluation, and interrelation—and how they affect and are affected by human behavior. The courses in the Social Science department are offered to both day and evening students


This is a group major of 36 credit hours to include the following:

  • Social Science Core Course Requirements:  SOC 201; ECN 200 or ECN 202 or ECN 203, PSY 205; and one of the following: POL 203 or POL 385
  • A concentration of 18 credit hours in one of the following areas: history, political science, psychology or sociology
  • Additional course work in the social sciences outside your concentration to total 36 hours

Only grades of C- or better in all Social Science core courses and concentration courses can be applied to fulfill the major requirements.

The Social Science minor requires 24 credit hours, including Social Science Core Course Requirements, and additional course work in the social sciences to total 24 hours.


Graduates of social science find many and diverse career opportunities. Social science graduates have been in demand for jobs in human services, law enforcement, government, and business. Many social science graduates have gone on to further studies in social work, law, education, and business administration.