Bachelor of Arts, Social Science Major (B.A.)



The Bachelor of Arts with a social science group major requires 36 credit hours and completion of the following components:    

A. Social Science Core Course Requirements 

ECN 200        Introductory Macroeconomics


ECN 202     Economic Dimensions


ECN 203    Introductory Microeconomics
POL 203     Political Reality and Public Policy 


POL 385        Community & Organizational Change
PSY 205         Introductory Psychology
SOC 201        Sociological Perspectives

B. Additional Social Science Requirements

One of the following writing intensive courses:

HIS 309              American Society after World War II
HIS 320              Vietnam
HIS 335              Women in U. S. History
HIS 340              American Labor History
POL 203        Political Policy and Public Policy
PSY/SOC360       Social Psychology
SOC 375        Sociological Theories
SOC 393        Urban Social Issues

One of the following research courses

ECN/POL/PSY/SOC 305 Introductory Statistics           


PSY 225             Methods in Psychology

C. Senior Seminars in Social Science

Select the senior seminar course that corresponds to the chosen concentration

PSY/SOC 496S    Social Science Senior Seminar   
HIS/POL 496S         Social Science Senior Seminar   

D. Concentration Requirement

An 18 hour concentration in one of the following areas:

1. Concentration in Political Science

POL 149        American Political Systems
POL 203        Political Reality and Public Policy
POL 377        Transnational Politics

Take the following two courses plus additional credit hours in political science at 300 level to total at least 18 credit hours:

POL 330        Michigan: History and Politics
POL 395        Comparative Politics

2. Concentration in Psychology

PSY 205             Introductory Psychology
PSY 240             Developmental Psychology                               
PSY 360             Social Psychology

Plus additional hours in psychology to total at least 18 credit hours

3. Concentration in Sociology

SOC 201        Sociological Perspectives
SOC 311        Sociology of Deviant Behavior
SOC 306        Ethnic and Racial Diversity    

Plus additional hours in sociology to total at least 18 credit hours

 4. Concentration in History

HIS 252              United States to 1877
HIS 253              United States Since 1877
HIS 255              World History I
HIS 256              World History II

Plus additional hours in history at 300 level to total at least 18 credit hours

E. Electives

Select the remaining credit hours from any of the social sciences not in your concentration.


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