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Pre-Law Overview

Attorneys have a variety of academic backgrounds – economics, English, history, philosophy and political science. Law schools do not designate a major program concentration as a prerequisite for admission. Law schools admit students who are broadly trained and who evidence analytical skills, good writing and oral communication abilities, as well as social awareness.

You can‚ therefore‚ prepare for law school by fulfilling the general education requirements at Marygrove College, and choosing from a variety of majors and minors.

Your academic major can help prepare you for law school. It can also provide you with training for an alternative career should you choose not to enter law school immediately after graduating from Marygrove College.

A pre-law counselor is available at Marygrove to assist you in planning your education and identifying professional opportunities. The counselor keeps abreast of trends in legal education and can assist you with law school application procedures, options for financial assistance‚ information on The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and career planning.