Pre-Dental / Pre-Medical Overview


You need to carefully plan and monitor your college career- especially if you plan to apply to medical or dental school. Marygrove College has a pre-medical/pre-dental advisor to assist you in your planning.

As a Marygrove student you will have opportunities to work closely with faculty members. This is important because their recommendations are part of the selection criteria used in the professional schools to which you will be applying.

The medical and dental schools in the United States recognize the desirability of a broad education. Therefore, it is suggested that you have some background in social sciences and humanities, as well as strong communication skills. Naturally, a solid foundation in the basic natural sciences is required.

While admissions’ requirements vary, generally the required sequence of core science and mathematics courses include:

  • one year of biology with lab
  • one year of physics with lab
  • one year of general chemistry with lab
  • one year of organic chemistry with lab
  • mathematics through one semester of calculus

You may choose any major offered at Marygrove. However, if you major in biology you will be better prepared for the requirements of medical and dental schools.

In addition to college course work, you will need to prepare to take the Medical College Aptitude Test (MCAT).