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Political Science Overview

Attorney • Career Development Specialist • Community Agency Staff • Federal, State, and Local Government Official Law Enforcement • Public and Private School Teacher • Nonprofit Administrator

The Department of Political Science offers an undergraduate major and minor that provides you with a wide variety of career and educational choices after graduation. You may choose to enter the work world of public (governmental) service or the social institutions that are important to our community, state, nation, and world. Or you may desire to continue your education in law school or graduate studies. Along with your course work in political science you will take relevant liberal arts courses and obtain meaningful field experience.

The Department of Political Science offers a political science major and minor for secondary teacher certification. Additional requirements are detailed in the SECONDARY TEACHING CERTIFICATION section.

The major in political science consists of a minimum of 30 semester hours built on a core of five required courses. In addition to the College requirements for the Bachelor of Arts, political science majors and minors are encouraged to improve their opportunities in a variety of career and advanced academic areas by taking courses in statistics, research methods, and computer information systems.

The minor in political science requires a minimum of 20 semester hours, including three designated courses.

Marygrove graduates in political science have found job opportunities as lawyers, federal, state, and local government officials, public and private school teachers, community agency staff, retail trade managers, and career development specialists. Many of these graduates have advanced to positions of significant leadership and authority in their fields.