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Physics Course Descriptions

PHY 135 Conceptual Physics 4 hours
Prerequisite: MTH 100; LS 105; Fee: yes; Term: Winter (odd). General Education option
A descriptive and mathematical look at physics. Conceptual development and problem-solving skills are emphasized. Includes the study of mechanics, properties of matter, heat, sound, light, electricity and magnetism. Laboratory included.

PHY 200 Introduction to Astronomy: Exploring The Universe 2 hours
Prerequisite: Completion of all developmental and foundational courses; Term: TBA
This course presents an introduction to the scientific field of Astronomy, from our earliest observations to our latest space missions. A wide range of topics will be discussed, including modern observational methods, our solar system, stars, celestial mechanics, light, optics, and cosmology.

PHY 285 Physics I: Mechanics & Sound 4 hours
Prerequisite: MTH 251; Term: Fall; Fee: yes
This course offers an introduction to the field of classical mechanics from a calculus based perspective. The study of motion will be the primary focus. Topics include: Vectors, kinematics, Newton’s Laws of Motion, dynamics, gravity, work and energy, rotational motion, oscillations and mechanical waves. Laboratory included.

PHY 286 Physics II: Electricity & Light 4 hours
Prerequisite: PHY 285; Term: Winter; Fee: yes
This course builds upon the lessons learned in PHY 285 with a focus on electricity, magnetism and light. Course topics include: Electrostatics, AC and DC circuits, magnetism, electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic radiation, optics, as well as a brief survey of modern physics topics such as relativity and the Standard Model. Laboratory Included.